How to prevent package theft

During the recent COVID 19 pandemic, there was a huge surge in online shopping. E-commerce was already growing and coupled with factors such as lock-down, contact fears and travel restrictions, it expanded significantly.

It is no surprise that companies like Walmart, Amazon and Ebay are part of top companies with the highest market caps and net worth worldwide. The growth of ecommerce brought its advantages, but also has its shortcomings.

One of the limitations is package theft. When you order deliveries to your home address, your packages are vulnerable to theft if you do not have adequate security measures.

Here are the ways which you can prevent package theft.

Take over your access management

It is a critical part of your security and not just regarding packages. If your house or apartment has easy access, it is convenient for you family and friends to access the premises. It is an advantage, but it comes with its consequences.

When an intruder has easy access to your lobby or door step, your packages are at risk of theft. A security guard patrol at your home or estate area can easily identify suspicious individuals and determine whether they are possible threats. 

Also, an intruder is less likely to steal a package from your house if the guard is around. Ensure that your doorstep or lobby is only accessible by authorized individuals. You can use locking mechanisms, and preferably automated ones, like one that uses an access card system, or have a security guard patrol around full-time to take care of your property.

Utilize delivery points

Online stores support the use of delivery points. If you are not sure about the security of your home, a delivery station is the best option for you. It gives you flexibility as you can pick up your package whenever you want.

Security is guaranteed as you use a tracking number, and you avail your identity information upon pickup. It is just like any other normal delivery, and it can be even more convenient if you want to return your package. You inspect it on pick up, and if there is an issue the agents there will help you.

Have you own secure package area

Your convenience matters, and if you do not have the time to go to a delivery point, then a secure package area will work just fine. It can be dedicated for your house or a shared point near your home. 

A security guard patrol can be assigned to watch over the packages. It will ensure that the packages are always secure. Alternatively, your homes can have secure locks that security guards access to store your packages. 

It is an added security measure that protects your packages even when the guards are not around to stay watch.

Subscribe to locker services

Some delivery options usually have smart parcel lockers. You can invest in one to ensure your parcel is always secure at your doorstep. It is trackable making it a challenge for burglars to disappear with it as they will be caught.

You can control the locks using a mobile app, and launch it whenever you want to retrieve your package. It is useful for ecommerce companies to increase successful delivery rate, and you benefit from added security. It is contact free, efficient and customizable.

Final thoughts

Package security is a big issue because it leads to losses, and it raises concerns regarding the security of your home and neighborhood. If a package is not secure in your neighborhood, it reveals security flaws in your area. You will need to hire a security guard patrol to man your house and packages, or adopt other innovative ways to protect your property, such as locker services.

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