How To Start a Slip and Fall Claim in Boise?

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About a slip and fall accident

These accidents are common on the slippery floor, loose cable, unmarked ledge, and so on. A personal injury in Boise is defined by 3 elements, including injury, hazard nature, which result in falls.

Injuries caused due to slip and fall accident

  • Fractures
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Spinal injury
  • TBI (traumatic brain injury)

A slip and fall victim can recover from the injuries depending on the injury severity and the person himself/herself. Broken bones will heal within a few months, while ligament issues need longer periods.

Tips to take actions after a slip and fall accident

Here are a few tips that you need to follow immediately after a slip and fall accident to protect the claim. They include:

Get treatment if needed

If you are injured during a slip and fall accident get medical help immediately. Don’t waste time. Insurance providers will think that you weren’t hurt in case you don’t take medical attention.

Inform the owner regarding the accident

A victim of a slip and fall accident has to inform the responsible person or the owner immediately. For instance, you hurt on the public property in Boise provide information regarding it to the town or city, if possible. Delay in informing the accident may cause harm to your claim, particularly if the accident has no witnesses. So, don’t wait for a report about the accident the following day, you can even send a letter in a few cases.

Gather witness names

If there are witnesses, get the information of them like name, address, etc. Witnesses play a crucial role in all the cases.

Take pictures

Although you are not in a position to get evidence, still it’s ideal to take a few pictures immediately on your mobile before leaving the scene. If you are unable to take the pictures, take the help of your relative, friend, or some other.

Fill out the accident report

A commercial property owner often asks the victim to file an accident report. If you can do it, fill out the form correctly and explain how you are injured.

A slip and fall accident seems to be simple, but it is a complex case in a few conditions. So, choose an experienced slip and fall attorney and schedule your appointment today to resolve your case.

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