How to Take Care of Syngonium Plants?

Syngonium podophyllum is a highly popular semi-tropical plant found in areas like Brazil, Mexico, and Bolivia. It is also known as the butterfly plant or Arrowhead. Generally, Syngonium care is an easy task because it is a low-maintenance and versatile arrowhead plant. Syngonium plants can be found in many different colors, having attractive foliage that changes in shape as the plant matures. 


In this article, you will get complete information about how to care for the Syngonium plant and grow it in optimum conditions. 

Syngonium Care Requirements

Following are the major requirements involved in Syngonium care:


Syngonium requires medium to low light settings. It thrives under indirect and bright light. Make sure that you are not exposing it to direct sunlight because it can cause severe damage to the plant. Plants with deep green cultivars enjoy optimum growth in shaded conditions, so you should always choose a suitable plant species depending on the kind of sunlight you can give it. 


The soil mix should be kept slightly dry during the fall and winter months. However, it must be lightly moist during the spring and summer season, which is the growth season Syngonium plant. You should never keep it completely dry.

Overall, Syngonium does not require much watering, but it certainly requires high humidity. Generally, a household provides 40 to 50% humidity to the indoor plants, but these plants can benefit from humidity over 60% as well. Hence, it is best to keep this plant in a container made of web pebbles. Water the plant moderately during the growing season and avoid watering in cooler months to prevent any adverse effects. 


Syngonium is a semi-tropical plant which means it prefers warm and humid conditions for optimum growth. Temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit are not suitable for this plant, so you should make sure that the temperature is not dropping below the desired temperature. 


Soil with draining and aerating capabilities is suitable for Syngonium plants. You can easily find such types of rich potting mixes to ensure the plants are getting all of the required nutrients. Moreover, you should use a pot with a drainage hole so that the soil having excess moisture does not lead to root rot. 

You should feed the plant with a balanced liquid houseplant food. Syngonium needs fertilizer on a regular basis during the summer and spring growing seasons. The quantity of the fertilizer can vary on the basis of the specific type of fertilizer, so you should carefully follow the directions given on fertilizer’s packaging. 


Regular pruning, especially during the growing season, is essential to keep Syngonium plants bushy and compact. Remember to wear gloves while pruning or pinching the plant because its sap can cause skin irritation. 


You can easily root Syngonium from a cutting. Spring and summer growing seasons are suitable for propagation. All you have to do is cut sections of the stem from the rood nodes and put them in clean water to grow roots. If the plant has already developed aerial roots on the stem, it means that the stem section will root easily. Syngonium spreads quickly in a rich potting mix, so overall it is an easy procedure to divide one plant into two or even more. 


The potting soil should be refreshed during the spring season or on an annual basis. Since Syngonium plants grow quickly, repotting them becomes necessary when they are enjoying optimum growth. Keep in mind that frequent repotting can result in even quicker growth. 

Syngonium Care: Common Problems 

Syngonium is a low-maintenance plant because they do not suffer from any significant pest or disease problems when you are following the best Syngonium care tips discussed above. It is important to maintain a moderate watering schedule and provide the right kind of soil and fertilizer to the plants. Otherwise, you can see some issues like rotting, bacterial leaf spots, aphids, and other such diseases. 


If you are looking for a low-maintenance houseplant that grows quickly, then you should definitely choose the Syngonium arrowhead plant. You will have no issue in caring for this plant as long as you follow the Syngonium care tips discussed above. 

These plants can also be good gifts for plant lovers and also a very good choice for inexperienced gardeners. They enjoy optimum growth in indoor environments and beautify the surroundings. You can easily put them in nice-looking containers on your porch or balcony, and people will definitely appreciate you for keeping these plants. 

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