How USPayserv Can Help You Manage Your Employees’ Paystubs

Having a web-based pay base is a great way to keep track of your employees’ payments and payroll information. A Web-based pay base is also a convenient tool that makes it easy for you to receive payment information through Email, Text message, or Paystubs Interactive voice response (IVR). Having this type of tool will help you manage your employee’s pay stubs more easily.

Pay Stub Administration

Using USPayserv as your pay stub administration can reduce the cost and time you spend on printing and distributing paystubs. It will also ensure that your data is safe and secure.

USPayserv offers an online payment portal, where you can view your transactions and receive pay stubs electronically. You can access it via mobile, desktops, or PCs. The USPayserv Login allows you to log in with a user name and PIN, or other unique credentials.

Electronic Payroll Services

USPayserv provides electronic payroll services to government and private organizations. It is part of the USVerify HR outsourcing suite of applications. Paystubs provides electronic stubs and other payroll information. It is also available via interactive voice response (IVR) and text messaging.

Plethora of Benefits & Perks

Using the Uspayserv email delivery service is a breeze if you have an internet capable device. The service delivers a plethora of benefits and perks ranging from e-mail to instant message access to the usual suspects. Despite the name, the company has a penchant for making the lives of its employees a little more enjoyable. The company’s best practices are the reason why it is still in business after all these years.

While the company’s latest offering does not boast a long list of accolades, it is still a solid contender in the payment department. The company is a good steward of the local economy, and is known for its top notch customer service.

Payment Information Text Message

Using Uspayserv to your advantage will not only boost productivity in your workforce but also increase sales and reduce your paper based printing costs. The site offers a variety of retrieval options and features including the web based pay base and IVR access to payment information.

Uspayserv also encrypts your data to keep it safe and secure. Moreover, the company is compliant with state and federal laws. The site provides an all in one solution for your financial needs. The portal can be accessed at any time of the day or night and you can be rest assured that your financial data is at your fingertips.

Web-Based Pay Base

Using a web-based pay base is an easy and convenient way to access your pay stubs. It is also a way to connect with your staff and company managers.

Secure Online Human Resource Management System

The USPayserv Paystubs website is a secure online human resource management system. Users can access the site through desktops or mobile devices. The system allows employees to view their pay records and work schedules. In addition, it offers text messaging of payment information. The site is free of charge.

Print Documents

Once logged in, users can check their pay stubs and request changes. They can also view their account information and W2s. In addition, they can print documents. They can also set up automatic payments.

Company’s Profits

Using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a great way to improve your customer service and increase your company’s profits. It can be an inexpensive solution to reducing call volume and increasing productivity among your staff.

An IVR is an automated system that routes calls and provides a menu of options to callers. It can also be a tool to route callers to other departments in your organization. IVRs can be configured to answer common questions and help your agents better triage and handle customers’ needs.

Highly Customizable

The best IVR systems will be highly customizable and feature several language options. This can be a big advantage for companies with international operations. It can also be a huge boon to visually impaired callers.


Using USPayserv to its advantage, your employees can reap the benefits of a digitally enhanced pay stub. In addition to the benefits of being in the black hole, your employees will have access to the best of both worlds. The one-two punch of online and mobile-based payroll processing makes the whole process that much sweeter. Using the company’s services, your workforce can enjoy the benefits of a better work-life balance, while removing the paper-laden burden of a paper-based compensation scheme. It’s no wonder they’re the go-to company for payroll and related services for a reason. Their top-of-the-line services make it easy to manage employee payrolls of all sizes, from the smallest to largest. Using their service, you can rest easy knowing that your employees’ best interests are top of mind.

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