Hyundai Accent: A Well-Performing Car for 55 Years Old Automobile Company

Hyundai is a South Korean multinational automobile manufacturer which focuses on the production of vehicles with a great design and look that gives the vehicles a very fascinating look. 

This company has completed its 55 years, and this company has been producing the vehicles with a good design that always gives some tough time to its competitors. 

Hyundai Accent was first designed in 1994, and with the  passage of time, it got changed. This car has a history with Hyundai company more than 2 decades, and it is changing with the passage of time in accordance with the needs of people. 


There are many changes that were made throughout the history of Hyundai accent as per receiving of feedback from the buyers, and agencies who use this car. Hyundai has always kept the feedback of the buyers into consideration and made changes in accordance with that. They have always focused on the performance and design of the vehicle.

The safety and performance of this car made it go on for 28 years. It offers the features desired by everyone. This car is well-performing all over the world.


Hyundai Accent uses two engine options which make it preferable. There is a 1.6-litre Turbo Engine supporting Diesel that produces 126 hp, and it is capable of producing torque of 260 Nm. 

There is another 1.4-litre gasoline engine which is strong enough to produce horsepower of 99, and there is a production of 132 Nm of torque. Additionally, there is availability of both of these options in 6-speed automatic transmissions and manual transmissions, and also in a front-wheel drive.

Its suspension comes over the MacPherson strut with a torsion beam axle and coil springs.


This variant of Hyundai comes in five colors which increase the choice for the buyers. The colors of Hyundai Accent are:

  • Polar White
  • Star Dust 
  • Fiery Red
  • Phantom Black 
  • Sleek Silver

The exterior of this car is really remarkable as there are halogen headlamps that you could adjust in accordance with your wants. There is an integrated signal antenna. You can adjust the rear-view mirror and power-adjustable.  On its exterior, there is a new wider flowing front grille. 

Moreover, there are 15-inch rims of steel wheel. There are wheel covers in Hyundai Accent. There is a shoulder line on the both doors. Also, there are rear lamps in this car. There are six horizontal slats, sculpted body and large headlamps are the main reasons that provide this car with a dynamic and sporty appeal.


There is spacious cabin in Hyundai Accent that you could use. This provides the passengers with a wider legroom than its previous generations. Hyundai Accent has taken everything into consideration concerning comfort of the passengers and drivers. There is a sporty-looking appearance of this car.

Its interior is equipped with many features as there are vanity mirrors, seatback pockets, central door locks, rear headrests and conventional gauges. This model features electric windows and electric rearview mirrors. The material used in the seats of this car is in a comfortable fabric texture material.

Trunk Capacity

Accent’s trunk has a capacity of 388-litres. 

Digital Display

There is an installation of 8-inch digital display with supports the both, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There is a strong Bluetooth connectivity, and you could answer calls with a complete clear voice. 

The monitor used is touch-screen and there is a support of AUX with six speakers, USB, MP4 functions and Radio to make you feel comfortable and make your journey entertaining.


Hyundai Accent has kept safety matter in mind and provides the drivers and passengers with great safety features. There are dual SRS airbags for the driver’s seat. There are airbags on the seat of passengers.

Airbags can be installed manually, if necessary. There is an availability of central locking system and power door lock.


Hyundai Accent has an aggressive and sport appearance which increases its dignity. Hyundai kept changing this car in the past as there were new feedbacks. And now, this car touches the high quality of everything whether it is about fabric material, design, wheels, seats, space, safety and engine and much more on the go. 

Hyundai Accent really meets the requirements of a modern driving style, and is preferable. It fulfills the wants of drivers and passengers.

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