Is Casie Colson Baker MGK Real Daughter?

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been spotted bonding over their daughter, Casie Colson Baker. The actress posted pictures of her daughter on Instagram Stories. Both are 31 and engaged. Currently, rumors of a pregnancy are circulating among fans and the couple is planning to get married. However, it is unknown if Casie is MGK’s real daughter.

Real Daughter of MGK

The couple has been spotted out on the town together and have even been seen in public together. Cassie also attended several award shows with MGK and has been pictured practicing rap. MGK apologized for not being around much, but was later seen chatting with her at a concert. Hence, is Cassie the real daughter of MGK? Let’s see.

MGK and Casie are spotted in different public places, but the rapper did not disclose her identity on his social media pages. However, she was praised by her MGK on IG. She is also a mixed ethnicity, and is the only child of her parents. She is too young to be in a relationship with MGK, but she has remained quiet about her private life. Casie Colson Baker has a dark-brown hair and eyes, and she will no doubt be a beautiful young lady when she matures.

Father of Two Children

Machine Gun Kelly is the father of two children: Casie Colson Baker and Emma Cannon. Although her father tends to keep her out of the spotlight, Casie Colson Baker and her mother often appear together. Casie was introduced to MGK by her father at a Blink-182 concert. It is possible that the two met because of their love for music. If they became close, the singer will likely continue to share pictures of her two children.

Is Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter real? Casie Colson Baker’s birth date is July 24, 2021. She was born in the United States. Machine Gun Kelly posted several photos of her daughter with her father. The two have been pictured together on almost every Instagram post. The mother and daughter are frequently seen together at family events, and the two have a close relationship. Casie Colson Baker also often appears on MGK’s Instagram page.

Final Words:

Megan Fox is no longer working with Machine Gun Kelly, but the two appeared together at the 2021 American Music Awards. Despite Megan Fox’s busy schedule, MGK and Casie Colson Baker were both dressed elegantly and held hands. Both looked radiant and chic in matching black ensembles, and were seated together on the red carpet. The two were presenters at the show for Favorite Rock Artist here.

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