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Make Your Bathroom a Highly Attractive Space with Large Shower Cubicle

The shower enclosures add up to the attractiveness of your bathroom. So, suppose you are among those looking to upgrade their bathroom with some modern features. In that case, you must read this article as there are various types of enclosures explained that will bring elegance and practicality to your bathroom. 

A large shower cubicle provides a relaxing and comfortable showering experience. However, to get the perfect enclosure for your bathroom, you must dive into the types of enclosures available and have due knowledge to choose the right one for your bathroom. Read this article to understand each type of shower enclosure.

What is the Large Shower Cubicle?

The first thing that comes to our mind that what size of the enclosure we can assume to be large. The enclosure size ranges from 700mm and goes up to 1700mm in size. So, it is the largest size that is available for most bathrooms in the UK. If you have requirements for an even bigger enclosure, you may have to opt for a customizable enclosure. 

But most of these orders to make enclosures come with a hefty price tag. While door options may be limited for the smaller enclosure, you can opt for any shower door with such a spacious enclosure. However, it would help if you made sure that nothing near the enclosure can block the required clearance space. 

Where Do We Need Large Shower Cubicles?

The bathrooms have different layouts. Therefore, we need a shower enclosure that can fit into such spaces. That’s why there are different styles of cubicles exists. However, not all shower cubicles may be suitable for every bathroom. We can say a large shower cubicle will be suitable for a large bathroom. 

But it is not always the case. We may not prefer a specific shape in small bathrooms because it takes too much space. For example, a square or rectangular door with a pivot door option may not suit such spaces. 

Different Large Shower Cubicle Options

We have various large shower cubicle options for the large bathrooms discussed as follows. 

  1. Left- And Right-Hand Rectangular Shower Enclosure 

The first one on the list is that the left- and right- rectangular shower enclosures are known for premium quality and robust design. The thick 6mm glass supported by the frame makes the enclosure durable. In addition, the frame does not hold water spots due to the protective layer that even makes the cleaning hassle-free. The body remains resistant to corrosion due to the premium quality chrome coating on it. Another benefit you get with these shower enclosures is a waterproof shower tray that prevents its color from fading away. 

  1. Pivot Door Shower Enclosures

If you have a compact bathroom and still desire a shower enclosure in it, you must go for a pivot door shower enclosure. It features a single door that makes entry and exits very comfortable. The chrome finish enhances the eye-catching minimalistic frame that increasing the elegance of your compact bathroom. You don’t have to worry about enough space to fit in a shower enclosure with these enclosures. 

  1. Frameless Shower Enclosure

In the list is another compact-sized enclosure. Frameless cubicles come next that are certainly compatible with large bathrooms. The center of attraction about these enclosures is that they do not have any frame. Rather they carry wall channels that make the enclosures more transparent. The superior quality glass is highly durable and provides a clear look at the shower area. The installation is simple due to many items in frameless shower enclosure pre-fitted.

  1. Bifold Door Shower Enclosures

This shower enclosure is the best option for people who love the stylish look. These shower enclosures give elegance to a modern bathroom. It perfectly contrasts with your bathroom’s interior and gives an elegant appearance to it. It features a frame with transparent glass. The bifold door is noise-free with the support of 16 rollers. Overall. These enclosures are perfect for enclosure lovers. These will turn your renovation concerns into an exciting experience.

  1. Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

Another innovation in shower enclosures comes in sliding door shower enclosures. They have a sliding door for entry and exit that fits perfectly in compact bathrooms.  The swinging concept is taken over by these sliding door shower enclosures that save the glass door from bumping into the bathroom furniture. The premium material makes this enclosure door system last long enough before you need maintenance.

Is a Large Shower Cubicle Suitable for Your Bathroom?

The large shower cubicle is a great choice for a luxurious shower experience without compromising the style. If you have a big bathroom with enough space to fit a 1700mm enclosure, you can choose a type of enclosure to form our list. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have all the types of cubicles available at comparative prices. All of our staff has got vaccinated against coronavirus. It is your responsibility to get the covid-19 vaccination as early as possible. 

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