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Make Your Home Unique With These Ideas

Building a house from scratch is no easy feat. It takes weeks of planning and ideation as well as the help of expert professionals to materialize your dream home in reality. Apart from this, it is a huge strain on one’s pocket. Check out the most affordable construction cost in Bangalore and other cities and get started on building your ideal home. 

The essence of one’s personality is always reflected through their home. The more you incorporate your personality and likes into building your home, the more unique your house will seem. Make your house stand apart from the rest with these unique layout and decor ideas, to which you can add your own personal touch as well. 

Add A Sunken Lounge 

A sunken lounge in your living room can be a great offbeat addition without looking too crazy. By taking this one step lower than the flooring and leaving a small cut off for people to enter and exit this space you can have a unique seating area for the whole family to sit and spend time in. You can plan the layout for this with the help of an expert house construction company and have yourself a cool new hangout spot. 

Add A 3D Accent Wall

Another fantastic element that may set your interior design apart and give it a hip appeal is a feature known as an accent wall. There are various ways by which you can go about adding this fun and unique feature in your house. By adding panels of contrasting materials like aluminum, wood or glass or simply by adding some textured paint or a bold wallpaper, you can have a wall that stands apart from the rest of the house. This will add extra dimension and also some much needed flair to your house. 

Add Unusual Lighting 

Another thing that catches the eye instantly is the kind of lighting that is used in and around the house. Lighting can play a huge part in making or breaking the well planned decor and furniture of the house as it usually highlights various spots. Adding some unusual lighting like fancy strobe lights or led light strips or sleek hanging lights can act as a cool feature on one of the walls of your house. 

Add A Perforated Wall

Another way to play with light is by adding a perforated wall in your house that faces the sun and letting light come through it. The perforations will give a stunning effect to the way light shines through it and create a beautiful and unique visual effect. This element has to be planned in the early stages of the house as it involves various factors that cannot be changed later on.

Add Smart Storage 

The one thing that is extremely in demand when it comes to building homes these days is having ample storage space. Smart storage solutions such as multipurpose furniture and making the most of the space that is already available is crucial and requires expert assistance. Things like adding storage space under the stairs and having pull out drawers in bed maximize on the already existing space and also leave the house clutter free. For more such smart solutions, you can enlist the help of professionals who can help out in figuring out how best to achieve this. 

Adding unique and personal trinkets and souvenirs around the house along with family photos is also another way in which you can make your house look homely and unique. With these tips, make your house look amazing and chic in no time. 

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