Manicure is not baked dry how to do the Manicure primer must be baked dry?

We should all have done Manicures in our lives, so do you know about Manicures? What

Galglitter is a professional manufacturer of nail polish powder; come and listen to our advice!

How to do if Manicure is not baked dry

If the Manicure is made of nail polish, you can only bake it with a baking lamp if it is not baked

dry. If your nail polish is not baked, it will dry naturally. In addition, if you want your nail polish to

dry quickly, cold water is also a small weapon to promote fast drying of nail polish: after applying

nail polish, soak all your nails in cold water and wait for about 2 minutes to find that the nail

polish is already very strong. Manicure base coat must be baked dry. Manicure base coat must be baked dry. Otherwise, the base coat will be mixed with the nail

polish behind it. Baking nail polish UV lamp is not harmful to the human body, just to let your

hands nail polish dry faster. How long does it take to bake a Manicure base coat?

Usually, it takes about 10-15 minutes to bake. The most taboo way to apply nail polish is to go back and forth, so not only can you not make the colour more even, but you will bring down the

already good colour again. Therefore, it is best to finish the colouring action with three strokes:

middle, left and right. When you brush the nail polish on your nails, you have to move fast and

try to finish it with three strokes. nail polish glue home bulb can bake dry

It’s not recommended because it’s a lot of trouble. Nail polish will solidify when it absorbs

ultraviolet light or light of a shorter wavelength than that. The electric light bulb has a wider

spectrum, but not much UV light is emitted, so although it can cure, it may take a long time. If

you don’t use a light, you can dry your nail polish naturally or use a hair dryer, both of which are

slightly slower than light. Nail polish is also known as “nail lacquer”. It is mainly composed of

70%-80% volatile solvent; the solvent evaporates and dries naturally. Also, if you need the most

stylish nail polish powder for your nail art, please contact galglitt.com sooner rather than later!

What to pay attention to after Manicure

1, after doing a Manicure, if the nail has a warping problem, Manicure suggests you better repair

it in time. If you can’t repair it in time, you can put a layer of glossy oil on the nail to avoid

moisture infiltration, causing nail mildew. 2, for those who like long nails, it is recommended that you must change those bad force habits

in your life. Do not use your fingertips to force directly. Otherwise, your nails will easily break. 3. For those who travel a lot, it is advisable to have a landing strip at all times. How long do you have to remove the Manicure?

If you don’t remove Manicure for a long time, the shape of the Manicure itself will be affected

because new nails will grow, and it will not be so beautiful anymore. Although nail polish is

healthier and more environmentally friendly than nail polish, not removing it for a long time can

cause a series of problems. So Manicure should be removed at most one month.

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