Men’s Gold Bracelets: Styles, Colors, Prices

It is a common misconception about bracelets and bangles that these are only associated with women. In present times, you don’t often see western men wearing bangles and bracelets, but has it always been like this? Not actually, as bangles have been associated with many prominent figures in history. Priests and shamans would regularly wear them. Kings and lords would flaunt them to show power; east Indian cultures attached religious beliefs to them, and so much more. With the passing of time and the evolution of technology, where women’s bracelets started becoming more stylish, this style and charm spilled over to men. Explore gold bracelets for successful men online to know what we are talking about in this article.

Best Styles of Men’s Bracelets:

Men’s bracelets changed a lot this last decade, just like how stylish women’s bracelets are these days. If you have not been UpToDate on what has been trending, the following are some of the popular designs:

  • Gold and rubber bracelets
  • ID Plates bracelets
  • Classic gold chain bracelets
  • Beaded bracelets
  • Tennis diamond bracelets
  • Cuban chain link bracelets

Search online for more detail to know more information about what is in store on the web and around your vicinity. Being informed is always good when buying an expensive accessory to maintain your style. When you decide to buy something you like, make sure you know how to measure your wrist for a bracelet.

Also, be sure to follow these tips if you still don’t trust online stores and want to browse the store before deciding on buying anything:

  • Always check the reviews of customers for both online and offline stores to understand how well experienced the seller is and what his turnout is.
  • Learn how to gauge quality by seeing tutorials or discussing with an expert.
  • Ask for authenticity certificates, warranty, and return policies.
  • If you’re looking for a reliable store to purchase your bracelets and other jewelry, you can check out Adinas Jewels.

How to Choose the Best Color Bracelets?

The color of your bracelet is an important factor when buying or choosing a bracelet because of how it can resonate with your style and outlook. Even though there are a few options when it comes to choosing color and metals for your bracelets, the following are some important points to consider:

Steel or Silver Color – Platinum or White gold are two colors that fit this category, and these can be used for most activities and on informal attire while even looking great with formal suits and wear. The bottom line is that you can match it with any outfit.

Copper Color or Rose Gold – Rose gold has a similar color combination and shade to copper, and therefore, it provides a certain charming pop of color to your dressing. Some men might shy away from gold or rose gold, but if you consider it along the lines of wearing a leather bracelet, many options will open up for you.

Wearing Gold Color – Gold is classic, and even though you might feel a bit strange wearing it at first, wearing it for your look, whatever look you are going for, gold can do the trick. 

Most of the expensive metals are worn to portray wealth and prosperity in most cultures where they need the support of such expensive metals, which can portray a sense of enhancement.

How Much Does a Diamond Gold Bracelet Cost?

Starting with simple cost divisions and calculations, a $14K gold bracelet will cost more than a 10K or lower bracelet as the prices are gauged for weight and purity. The second important factor is what type of diamonds will be invested in it.

So following are the per gram cost of each standard:

  • 10K is nearly around $21 per gram
  • 14K nearly around $31 per gram
  • 18K nearly around $40 per gram
  • 24K nearly around $58 per gram

Add on top of that the cost of diamonds of high polish and rarity; you can imagine the cost. Following are some prices of some men’s bracelets with their quality and size.

Miami Cuban Link Bracelet:

Purity: 10K    Width: 30mm        Price: $21,400

This is a luxurious gold bracelet weighing about 536g and available in other metals such as white yellow or even rose gold. 

Solid Gold Rolex Style Bracelet:

Purity: 18k    Width: 14mm        Price: $6,595

The style for this bracelet will never go out of style and can be worn with your Rolex watch or even a Rolex replica for the maximum look.

White Gold Link Cuban Bracelet:

Purity: 14K    Width: 8.4mm        Price: $2,796

Cuban link curb chains make this lustrous bracelet joined in a polished and professional fashion while weighing only 43g. you can also buy this item in yellow and rose gold metals.

White Gold Cuban Link Bracelet – 5.6mm:

Purity: 14K    Width: 5.6mm        Price: $1,462

The same as our above item but with less width, helping git reduce the cost by quite a margin making you buy the same thing at a reduced cost.

Rose Gold Cuban Link Bracelet:

Purity: 10K    Width: 9mm        Price: $799

A great price and great day-to-day wear while also being sturdy. All our bracelets are well-crafted and professionally polished.

Rose Gold Bead Chain Bracelet:

Purity: 14K    Width: 5mm        Price: $759

This is one of the best-beaded bracelets in our catalog, feeling lighter than other chunky bracelets suitable for everyday wear.

Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Bracelet:

Purity: 14K    Width: 3mm        Price: $443

If you are not in store for heavy, bulky chain link bracelets and like to have a light feeling when wearing your accessories, this 3mm bracelet has a perfect look while being light as a feather weighing only 6g.


Gold bracelets can be part of your daily attire if you choose the metal and style that goes with your personality. You can strike a balance between price and weight to get the best bang for the buck when choosing different metals. Chain bracelets are a great accessory to add to your collection as these are easier to wear, sturdy, and long-lasting and give you a charming look with their build.

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