Mithali Raj: A Timeline of India’s Champion Women Player.

Have you ever considered the Goddesses who likewise play the prestigious game cricket in a nation where cricket is considered a religion and cricketers as divine Gods?  Cricket is a sport that is loved and played all over the country, and there is no doubt that men dominate this sport. However, throughout the long term, the women players have tried harder and portrayed to the nation their heavenly exhibitions. Among such models is Mithali Raj, renounced as ” the woman Sachin Tendulkar of Indian Nation” and known throughout the world for her destructive batting abilities. 

She endeavoured to get the Nation’s Ladies Cricket Crew some acknowledgment. This previous Indian ladies cricket player, who displayed an exceptional presentation as a sportsperson, lately reported about her departure from the sport. She is seen as conceivably one of the most mind-blowing female players to have any time performed in India. Her achievements on the field speak volumes about her abilities as a sportsperson and her dedication to the sport, and she worked hard to achieve a few prestigious awards throughout her journey as per Indian women’s cricket match today highlights.

Initial life before the game.

Mithali Raj was naturally introduced to a family having Tamil originality to Mr. Dorai Raj whose wife is Mrs. Leela Raj living in Jodhpur, a city in Rajasthan, on December third, 1982. She with her senior sibling, Mr. Mithun Raj, were both additionally inspired by cricket. This little Bharatanatyam artist was trained under the guidance of Sampath Kumar, who during that time was mentoring at Keyes School. Sampath Kumar always believed in Mithali’s exceptional skills and knew she would surely make a mark. This sportsperson has performed in World Cups, One-Day cricket, and T20.

Homegrown journey

Mithali performed for the Air India group during her early career. She then performed as a player in railways in homegrown matches from 1999. She additionally performed representing the  Supernova, Velocity during the T20 series.

Mithali’s show in the International Journey.

She started her one-day overall show against Ireland and acquired 114 runs. Her debut in the test was during 2001-02 which was against the South African team. In 2002, Mithali created a record by breaking the former record for the world’s best raised personal grade scoring 214. Later, Mithali drove India to their most memorable finals as they played finals for the Women’s Cricket World Cup, but lost. Mithali Raj was likewise a principal Indian Women’s Cricket Crew Chief to overcome England during a series visit to England and achieved  Asia Cup, all during the same year. From that point onward, Mithali played consecutive games where she brought back an extraordinary number of titles, which declared her perhaps one of the best woman players that India has any time.


Mithali won the Arjuna Grant during the year 2003. She additionally won Padma Shree, India’s fourth most elevated non-military personnel grant, during the year 2015. In 2017 won grants like Sports Icon for youth in Chennai and the Sportsperson of the Year by Vogue. She has similarly won the highest noteworthy donning distinction in India, which is known as Khel Ratna Grant.


In this country, the women’s team has seen many high points and low points in its set of experiences, with female cricketers, frequently side-lined from that point by their male partners regarding backing and fortitude. Mithali strived hard during her excursion as one of the players to gain an appreciation for the ladies’ crew. After having an extraordinary career, Mithali Raj reported her departure from all organizations of Global Cricket in 2022. To honour this remarkable woman, a movie based on her biography, “Shabaash Mithu,” casting Tapsee Pannu, was made. This film was made with a motto to light up the fire in young girls who dream to play for the nation.

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