Most Fashionable Luggage Color This 2022

You will find it lots of fun shopping for a suitcase to use on your upcoming trip. There are endless sizes and styles which you can choose from. But other than these, you might be wondering what color to choose especially if you want to make a fashionable statement. The hardest thing when traveling is to find your luggage among many others that are moving around in the luggage carousel. 

You will always feel nervous because there will be many of them that are of similar color and size. You will be worried since it’s possible that someone could pick up your luggage and throw your trip into disarray. Some people believe in luck, and it would be reasonable for them to pick their preferred lucky color for travellers this 2022.

The importance of your luggage stand out

This explains why it’s imperative to get luggage that has a unique color that you can easily distinguish from others. In case it gets lost, you can find it easily from the several travel bags that are available. 

Here are some of the best colors that you should consider when buying a  suitcase.

1. Dark colors

Dark is a neutral color that many people like. While it’s trendy and cute, there is still the challenge of someone picking your luggage because there are many of them that are quite similar. With black suitcases, it will be hard to know if there are stains. However, don’t just go for plain dark. You can go for a combination of dark and maroon, dark and gray among others. You can also consider dark-colored luggage that has a strip of different colors, and you will be able to differentiate your luggage from that of other travelers.

2. Light colors

These are favored by many people but the problem is that scratches and stains can easily show. Colors that include light green, light blue, beige, and yellow are some of the amazing color choices that you can try at any given time. Light-colored suitcases are not as common as dark-colored suitcases, and you will find it easier to spot them at the luggage carousel.

3. Bright but not too light color

Bright colors are attractive and can be noticed easily. Colors such as bright green, bright red, and bright blue are some of the choices that are worth considering. The best part of these color combinations is that they can help hide the existence of wear and tear, scratches and stains among others.

4. Dark colors, with a bright cover

Most of us love dark-colored suitcases, but you can differentiate them from the many others that are available by putting a bright cover on top of it. If you check online, you will discover that there are different sizes, patterns, colors, and designs of luggage covers.

Final words

Getting a suitcase with color helps you notice your luggage from the hundreds of other travelers. That is why it’s recommended to get a suitcase with a pattern, color or design. Moreover, you can add a sticker to help make it different and also improve its attractiveness.

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