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Many current and former immigrants to Canada entered the country as young children. They frequently wish their parents or grandparents to immigrate to Canada when they establish roots and build that life, whether by purchasing their first homes or establishing kids.

The federal government has many programmes in place to assist families in this situation from time to time for a longer period than a standard visitor’s visa would permit. The super visa is one such programme.

What exactly is a super visa?

A super visa is a special visitor’s visa for family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. One can only stay in Canada for six months with a standard visitor’s visa. A super visa, however, is a multiple-entry visa that allows for a stay of up to 5 years (as of October 4, 2022), with the option to apply for an additional two years. In addition, Super visa insurance is valid for ten years after it has been granted.

What are the Minimum requirements for a super visa insurance policy:

  • The coverage must be in effect for at least a year following the applicant’s entry into Canada.
  • It must offer coverage of at least CAD 100,000.
  • The insurance must pay immediate medical attention, potential hospitalisation, and repatriation.
  • Each time a visa holder enters Canada, the policy must be current and accessible for inspection by an immigration official.

Is super visa insurance necessary?

With the premise that recipients won’t put a financial strain on Canada’s publicly funded healthcare system, super visas are issued. A candidate needs super visa insurance as evidence that, should they get sick or have an accident while visiting Canada, they have sufficient medical insurance coverage to satisfy the Canadian authorities.

Is a super visa insurance policy required?

Yes, having sufficient super visa insurance is a prerequisite for obtaining a Canadian super visa and is required by law.

What is the price of super visa insurance?

A wide range of variables influences the price of super visa insurance.

Depending on the person’s age and health status, the super visa insurance premium for a single parent or grandparent travelling to Canada normally ranges from $100 to $200 per month. A joint coverage will be less expensive than two individual policies if a sponsor buys super visa insurance for their parents or grandparents.

What is covered by super visa insurance?

Since numerous alternatives are available when applying for coverage, each super visa insurance policy differs.

The majority of super visa insurance policies usually include the following:

  • instantaneous medical care for disease or injuries
  • Medications on prescription
  • dental emergency services
  • Medical supplies (crutches, wheelchairs, slings, braces, etc.)
  • X-rays and other diagnostic lab techniques (bloodwork, ultrasounds, etc.)
  • services for ground, air, or sea ambulances are necessary
  • post-medical appointments for follow-up
  • travelling by ambulance to the closest hospital

Can I get super visa insurance on my visiting family’s behalf?

On behalf of their parent(s) or grandparent(s), Canadian citizens and permanent residents can buy a super visa insurance coverage (s).

The Super visa insurance procedure mandates that people who have financially supported their relatives’ visit to Canada must also be the ones who have sponsored their stay. This covers medical costs over those covered by their super visa health insurance.

To ensure that the coverage continues and to obtain more than is necessary, many super visa sponsors purchase super visa insurance for their visiting relatives.


Remember that insurance cannot be activated until the visa has been issued and the trip dates have been set. If you are applying for a Super Visa, ask our professional advisor to issue Super Visa Insurance coverage, or if you purchase online.

The Super Visa insurance must begin to pay benefits on the travel date.

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