New AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course 2021

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate video course will have a whole new look and feel. Students who are presently enrolled in the course will receive a complete overhaul of the course’s material at no additional cost.

The main page of the course, there will be a list of course content that will include the new course content. By the beginning of September, all portions will be available. As parts are released and move closer to switching over to the new course and eliminating access to the old course, we’ll be updating this post as progress is made.

The course has been completely reworked to take use of the new AWS administration panel (though changes are ongoing for some services). A number of changes have been made, including:

  • Contains all of the most recent information needed to pass the SAA-C02 exam
  • New AWS console hands-on training
  • This course is divided into two parts: theory and application.
  • Exam cramming tutorials that focus on reiterating essential concepts
  • There are new questions on the test.

A new course download, an updated study plan, and a course update guide are all included in the new course. The guide explains how the previous course’s parts and content correspond to the new course’s material. On the course’s website, you may locate all of these resources by clicking through to the last lesson in Section 1.

Some question about NEW AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course 2021

  1. Does the new course have any prerequisites or fees associated with it?

You’ll be able to view the material after it’s been made public without paying any further fees. You simply log in as you normally would to gain access to the course. This fully new course is being offered to all registered students at no additional cost to provide our students with the most current information. Students are passing their tests on a daily basis, which means that the course material is up-to-date with respect to the exam. In addition, the AWS console has been updated, and new services have been included to the exam as a result of these changes Each lesson in the new course utilises the new AWS training management and covers everything, we know is on the test right now.

  1. Does the course have to be redone if I’m almost ready to take the exam?

No. Because we have a steady stream of students passing their tests with our current course version, it is possible to pass your exam even if you don’t upgrade by Sprintzeal. It is not clear what will happen to our existing course when the new one is introduced. After the new course is fully available, the old one will be entirely deleted from our site. Prior to this event, an announcement will be issued at least one week in advance, so that you can finish any lessons.

  1. Do I still have access to my transcripts and certificates of completion?

During the time that both courses are available, your progress will be tracked, but you won’t be able to receive your course completion certificate until you’ve completed all of the old and new content.

  1. When will the new course be available?

Within two weeks following the final release of all content on digitalcloud. Training, we anticipate to release the revised version of the course. If you already paid for the course, you won’t have to pay again to get access to the new one when it’s launched.

  1. The AWS certification exam will be worth it in 2021.

No, there is no doubt about that. Even if you have a qualification, there is still a big difference between theoretical understanding and hands-on experience. It may assist you by indicating that you are interested in AWS, which I believe many employers would take as a favourable sign, but this level does not guarantee any actual experience on AWS.

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification takes how long?

Before taking the test, candidates should have at least one year of real-world experience. A month or two of rigorous study, however, is all that is required for those who don’t have those prerequisites.


To sum it up, if you’re just getting started with AWS, being certified is a terrific way to jumpstart your career. Having to study the fundamentals will help you focus on the most crucial aspects of your career. In addition, if you want to land a job with AWS, you’ll need to have some hands-on expertise in this field.

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