PointClickCare Transforms Senior Care through Cloud-Based

At the 2019 AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention and Expo, PointClickCare will introduce three new cloud-based solutions that can help improve care delivery and cut costs. These solutions are designed to make care providers work more efficiently and effectively, reduce costs, and maintain regulatory standards. They also enable caregivers to record health assessments, manage medication schedules, and communicate with other team members in real-time. These solutions also integrate accounting and billing modules to provide financial management functions.

Cloud-Based Software

With the help of its cloud-based software, PointClickCare helps long-term care and senior living providers reduce costs, attract staff, and mitigate risks. As a result, the company was recently named one of Canada’s Top 100 Private Cloud Companies by Forbes and a Best in KLAS Vendor for Long-term Care by KLAS Research. This innovative approach to healthcare helps seniors stay independent longer, engage with their support systems, and stay connected with family and friends.

Independence & Engage Support Systems

As more seniors age, technology needs to evolve. Unfortunately, the senior care sector is notorious for slowly adopting new technologies. However, as the population ages and becomes more complex, the need for innovation will increase. PointClickCare has created an innovative cloud-based platform that enables caregivers and senior care providers to collaborate more effectively to meet this need. Its goal is to help seniors maintain independence and engage support systems while reducing costs.

Life of Senior Care Easier

The cloud-based platform is designed to make the life of senior care easier. Eliminating data silos allows seniors to remain independent longer and engage with their support systems. With its powerful cloud-based software, caregivers can easily access information about their loved ones from anywhere. A centralized hub of information, PointClickCare helps senior care providers manage their services more effectively. It can also be used by family members and other people in the industry.

As an LTPAC provider, PointClickCare’s cloud-based platform helps LTPAC providers navigate value-based healthcare and achieve preferred status in competitive networks. It helps senior care providers maximize their financial health and retain their staff. Besides this, it also facilitates effective collaboration between care providers and the support systems that serve the elderly. In short, the PointClickCare solution enables a better way to care for seniors.

Comprehensive Insurance Database

Unlike other software platforms, PointClickCare’s cloud-based platform allows senior care providers to track and measure marketing efforts. It enables users to analyze the results of their marketing efforts and determine how well they’re raising occupancy rates. The company also provides the tools to monitor the health of senior citizens and provide assistance to caregivers in need. In addition, a comprehensive insurance database backs the system.

Clinical & Administrative Information

A cloud-based platform allows senior care providers to integrate their clinical and administrative information into a single platform. The platform enables caregivers to interact with patients and families by interacting with the patient’s caregivers. This makes it easy for them to share and collaborate. Senior care provider can manage their health records more easily with the right cloud-based platform.

Specific Medical Condition

The company’s cloud-based platform has an integrated mobile application that allows caregivers to communicate with their loved ones and share information with other care providers and their families. Its integration with other software makes the process more convenient for the senior care provider. The system can also be customized to the individual needs of the resident. For example, a person may not have a specific medical condition. A healthcare IT solution can be used to manage their medical needs.

By integrating its cloud-based platform, PointClickCare has become one of the leading vendors in the senior care industry. Its SUMMIT is a vendor-hosted conference for aged care providers in North America and is designed to address issues impacting the industry. The Summit aims to give attendees the latest information on technology, innovation, and security. In addition, the platform is designed to improve the experience of ageing seniors.

Final Steps:

The company’s cloud-based platform is designed to streamline senior care. The venue is a comprehensive suite of modules that help caregivers manage their care through a mobile device. With its advanced software, providers can track the progress of the patient and their care. In addition, its unique software makes it possible to communicate with the patient, thereby improving patient outcomes. Its innovative software is a powerful tool that helps organizations streamline operations and ensure a quality reading more.

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