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Profile DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 70M 220M [Full Guides 2023]

The largest music streaming app in MENA. Anghami was found in Beirut in 2012 and relocate to Profile DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 70M 220M in 2021. It now has almost 60% of the region’s market share with 1.28 million paying subscribers and 20 million active users.

Anghami’s growth is fuel by its vast library of Arabic music and also sign deals with Egyptian star Amr Diab and Saudi Arabia’s Rotana record label. The largest in the Middle East. It has also recently acquired Spotlight Events, a live event company in MENA.

Company Overview

Anghami has the best of both worlds when it comes to building and also retaining its top notch customer service staff. Its 1.4 million paying subscribers comprise a whopping 70% of its user. Base and also the company has a track record for getting the job done on schedule. Anghami has some of the industry’s best customer service representatives with a cult following in their own right. In short, Anghami is a nimble and nimble company that’s a hard act to follow.


Profile dhabibased anghami 1.4m 70m 220m operates a digital music entertainment technology platform in the Middle East and North Africa. Its mobile application provides users with access to Arabic and international songs to stream, download, and share through their devices.

Founded in 2012, Anghami is the first and also fastest growing music-streaming platform in the region to digitize local music. Its platform features music licensed from leading Arabic labels and also major international labels including Rotana Music. Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and Merlin Network.

Extensive Library of Arabic Content

In addition, Profile DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 70M 220M has built an extensive library of Arabic content and is constantly licensing and producing new and also original music. Anghami’s strategy to increase the percentage of Arabic music streams on its platform has been successful in 2022. With the number of Arabic songs accounting for over 60% of all Anghami streaming traffic in the first half of the year.

Profile DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 70M 220M exclusive partnership with Amr Diab. The global megastar of Arabic music and the most streamed artist on the Anghami platform. Has also helped drive the company’s growth. In February 2022, Anghami announced that it had signed a multi-year agreement with Amr Diab. Making his entire audio and also video catalog available to Anghami’s 70 million monthly paying subscribers.

Shareholders’ Equity

A key factor to consider when investing in a company is its shareholders’ equity. Which is a measure of the amount of money left over by the owners after all the debts have been paid. It is one of the first things bankers and also analysts look at when evaluating a company’s financial health.

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It is a valuable metric as it can help investors identify a company’s financial health and also determine whether they should continue to invest in it. It also indicates the company’s growth potential and its level of profitability.

First HomeGrown Tech Company

Profile DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 70M 220M, which is based in Abu Dhabi and also has offices in Beirut, Cairo, Dubai, and Riyadh. Will become the region’s first homegrown tech company to list on NASDAQ after its merger with Vistas Media Acquisition Company (traded as VMAC). The deal will value the company at $220 million and will enable it to scale its user base and also invest in technology to build on its data play.


Anghami has proven that it is able to grow its business by partnering with music labels, creators, and brands. It has a physical presence in the Middle East and North Africa, and is expanding into new markets in Asia and the United States.

ANGHAMI IS SURROUND BY a strong management team that is dedicate to the company’s continued growth and success. The executive leadership includes Eddy Maroun, Co-Founder & CEO; Elie Habib, Co-Founder & Chairman and F. Jacob Cherian, CEO of Vistas Media Acquisition Company Inc.

Strategic Partnerships

In addition, Profile DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 70M 220M has built strategic partnerships with 36 telecommunication companies to increase free user acquisition and facilitate subscriptions across the region. Its Anghami Plus paid tier offers a premium experience with millions of songs from leading Arabic and international labels.

Final Words:

Anghami is a market leader in the MENA region and continues to expand its business through licensing, innovative technology, original content and international expansion. It is also planning to open Anghami Lab, an innovative entertainment venue to be launched in Dubai and KSA. This will bridge online and offline worlds by offering a unique platform for live events.

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