Questions to Ask Your Asbestos Removalist Specialists

Before you hire an asbestos removal specialist, you are going to want to ask a few questions before hiring them. 

Some Of Those Questions Include: 

  • Are you licensed?
  • How do you dispose of asbestos?
  • Can you provide some references?
  • How long will it take until we can safely return?

Those are just a few important questions you should ask before hiring anyone. Continue reading to learn more about the asbestos removal process and how this all works. 

Safely Removing Asbestos from A Structure While Adhering to Regulations

Regulations around the removal of asbestos are strict and must be adhered to strictly. They are created to ensure the safety of the structure or building, to protect the safety of those removing it, and to ensure that the structure will be safe to use after the removal is complete.  

Regulations for Who Can Remove Asbestos

Regulations are in place to protect everyone by ensuring that those who are removing asbestos are correctly trained in how to remove it. They must complete full training that includes not only how to remove it safely but the necessary personal safety equipment. Training includes what equipment is needed and how to put it on and ensure it fits correctly and has no damages. It also includes how to set up the space, to create the needed seal and pressure in the space, and how to properly dispose of the materials after they have been removed. Clean-up is a required portion of asbestos removal, and there are strict rules and regulations for the process of cleaning up the space afterward and how to dispose of it. Training and certification are needed in each step of the process, and this assures that your structure will be safe to use after the asbestos has been removed.

Regulations for How to Remove Asbestos

The regulations that surround how to remove it contain instructions for each step. This will include the safety equipment that is needed for both the space itself as well as the people who will be doing the work. In addition, there are restrictions on how it must be moved from the location, how the space must be sealed and cleaned, and not only where it is disposed of but also how it must be packaged and how the packaging must be cleaned as well. Slight differences may exist between locations, so it is important to check the restrictions in your area before any project begins. 

Why There Are Strict Regulations

Asbestos is a naturally occurring material; however, when it is made into building materials, it can pose a risk of causing lung disease. The small fibers can be loosened when the material is damaged, begins to disintegrate, or is being removed due to renovations. Each of these small fibers is easily inhaled and will enter the lung. When they have entered the lungs, the tiny fibers will be unable to leave the lungs and will continue to move around during breathing. Each breath causes them to move, and as they hit the side of the lungs, they will cause small areas of scar tissue. While the small areas seem to be negligible in the beginning, as it continues over the years, this causes lung disease.  Before removing any asbestos, it is important to ensure that all of the regulations are followed both for who is qualified to remove it as well as that the regulations around removal and cleaning are followed. Check for asbestos before any renovation on an older home or building. 

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