Rafe Cameron Returns in Season 2 of The Americans

With Rafe Cameron life flipped upside down and his own identity in a state of constant questioning, Season 2 of The Americans has been a roller coaster ride. The character is battling with his identity and is engaging in paranoid self-reflection. Rafe must choose whether to stop living under the guise of his upbringing and lifestyle or to listen to the lies he’s been telling himself.

Drew Starkey

As viewers of the new HBO drama True Detective, you may be wondering, “How did Rafe Cameron end up shooting that guy?” Well, one of the reasons is because he made a split-second decision on the tarmac that changed his life forever. This decision snowballed into Rafe’s character. Now, he must try to come to terms with the fact that he is no longer Rafe.

Rafe owes money to a drug dealer, and tries to steal from his dad to pay him. However, his father, Ward, bails him out, and warns him to back off. In the meantime, Rafe is kicked out of his dad’s house and squatting in a vacant house. As the show continues, Rafe plots to get into the family home, shooting Sheriff Peterkin and trying to get in. After the shootout, he gets let back in the family home and tries to make a deal with Ward.

As part of the show, Rafe is also a main antagonist. He is portrayed by Drew Starkey. He is the eldest son of Ward and Sarah Cameron, and older brother to Wheezie and Sarah. He was supposed to inherit his family’s business when his parents died, but instead of going to college, he dropped out of school and started dealing cocaine with fellow Kooks.

Films and TV Series

After playing a cop in ‘The Hate U Give’, Starkey’s career took off. He has since been featured in a number of TV shows and movies, including ‘Outer Banks’. His net worth has increased dramatically since then, and he now has a diversified portfolio of sources. Among his many sources of income, Drew Starkey and Rafe Cameron have been featured in several films and TV series.

The relationship between Rafe and his father is complicated. In the beginning, Rafe is largely influenced by his father. After Ward commits suicide, Rafe becomes the man of the household, and this happens through less than admirable means. After shooting his sister in the head, Rafe tries to drown her to complete the job. His relationship with his father is strained and his sister is abusive.

Outer Banks

Fans of the Netflix series Outer Banks will be pleased to learn that season two is full of all-new episodes and introduces a new cast of characters. While the core cast of season one returns, new characters have been introduced to the mix, too. The show’s main character, Drew Starkey, plays Rafe Cameron, the wealthy Kook and brother of John B.’s love interest, Sarah. Rafe gets more screen time than in season one, and many fans believe Starkey “carries” the entire season.

In Rafe Cameron’s Outer Bank, the title character, Rafe, is the eldest of the Cameron siblings, and is the secondary antagonist of the series. He struggles to live up to his father’s expectations and is addicted to drugs. His father, Ward, tries to impress Rafe, and he is often seen doing bad things to make himself look better to his father.

True Intentions of Rose

Though Rose Cameron is equally calculating as her husband, she is less inclined to murder. Nonetheless, her character is increasingly complex. Rose is desperate to hang onto the family fortune, and has drugged Sarah to kidnap Rafe, and she also stabbed Rafe with a knife. It’s difficult to judge the true intentions of Rose, who’s equally calculating. Outer Banks is available to stream on Netflix.

Final Words:

The first season of Rafe Cameron’s Outer Bank seasons begins with a traumatic event. In season one, Rafe makes a split-second decision on the tarmac that changes his life. Later in season two, he tries to get his father’s acceptance and forgiveness by killing Sheriff Peterkin, but it only makes matters worse. This event snowballed into Rafe’s character.

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