Review of Frederique Constant Slimline Monolithic Manufacture Watches

The Swiss luxury watch brand Frederique Constant was established in 1988. Frederique Constant acquired Alpina Watches in 2002 and added the brand to its portfolio. Frederique Constant focuses on accessible luxury watches and has seen success. Presenting to you one of frederique constant watches right here.

The Slimline Monolithic Manufacture watch model – 40 Hz was launched by Frederique Constant, who also revealed a technological advance in the field of precise timekeeping. It was presented in March 2021, it’s in any case one of the foremost actually energizing observes of 2021. Supporting Slimline Monolithic Manufacture watch is Frederique Constant’s FC-810. Frederique Constant redefines the correction mechanism of mechanical timepieces with a new high-frequency oscillation technique that provides industry-leading accuracy with an oscillation frequency 10 times quicker than typical mechanical movements. This watch has a silicon oscillator system that substitutes many of the pieces of a typical watch and removes many of the mechanical watch’s drawbacks.

Due to its unique design and compact size, the revolutionary high-frequency oscillation system can easily fit into the size of traditional movements. The movement is housed in a 40 mm case, and the dial contains a set pattern to see the oscillation system window, this timepiece takes cutting-edge innovation, but at a reasonable cost, taking after the brand’s reasoning of “luxury inside reach”.

One of the most substantive developments in technical watchmaking since the stop of the Second World War has been the evolution of watches with better and better frequency oscillators. A pendulum clock would possibly have a pendulum that beats once consistent with 2d. A watch has a balance, that can swing from side to side tons greater rapidly – a current watch movement generally runs at 28,800 beats per hour (bph), or eight beats in line with 2d. Some moves (the Zenith El Primero, as an example) can beat even faster, at 36,000 beats consistent with hour. The Slimline Monolithic Manufacture, that has a new kind of oscillator, runs at 40Hz.

So why would you like to have an oscillator that beats quicker than 36,000 bph? The reason is that such an oscillator ought to be greater strong – this is, much less apt to drift from its anticipated frequency. If a balance wheel were to continually beat at precisely its expected frequency, you’ll have a super watch, however in fact, a number of things can motive the frequency of a balance to differ, making the watch from time to time too sluggish, and every so often too rapid. Frequency changes when the oscillator is influenced by open air powers, which may be getting more seasoned grease inside the wristwatch itself, or changes in temperature, or the nearness of attractive areas, or substantial stuns and alterations interior the work of the timepiece. The cause quartz watches are commonly so much extra correct than mechanical watches are that a quartz oscillator beats at a mile’s higher frequency – the tuning-fork-formed quartz crystal hums at 32,768 beats in keeping with second. 

Frederique Constant replaced the standard assembly of 26 parts with a single part with two adjustment weights (one-piece silicon oscillator). The advantage to the one-piece silicon oscillator could be a lessening in parts tally. The oscillator has fair three components – the oscillator itself, and the two movable weights. These supplant, in a routine watch, the adjust, adjust staff, adjust spring, collet (which joins the internal coil of the adjust spring to the adjust), adjust stud (the settling point of the external coil), the four gems within the anti-shock framework, two anti-shock springs, and the lever, lever rotate and lever gems … as well as, come to think of it, the two jewels for the lever turns as well. You too do not ought to stress around oil breaking down on the adjust turns or on the elude wheel teeth, which could be an omnipresent cause of long-term rate variety in a standard Swiss lever timepiece.

Frederique Constant Slimline Monolithic Manufacture watches are available in three limited editions: 810 pieces in a stainless-steel case with a blue dial, 810 pieces in a stainless-steel case with a silver dial, and 81 pieces in an 18k rose gold case. In conclusion, the Slimline Monolithic Manufacture watch is a perfect combination of classic watches and high-tech innovation.

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