Save your image data into editable form – How?

If you want to save data from your image into an editable format, you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will highlight some simple ways to get all kinds of textual data on your image files into an editable word or text file. There are many situations where you might want to convert an image file to text format. One of the most common ones is extracting text from pictures of your handwritten notes. We won’t tell you about the different instances where you would need to save your image data into editable format; rather, we would explain the best and common ways to do so; if you want to know how to read on!

How to save text on an image in an editable format?

Here we have discussed some popular ways to convert your images to text.

  1. Extract visible data from the image manually 

A basic and common way of saving data from an image into an editable format is by manually writing down all the visible text onto MS word or your digital notepad. You have to open the image and a writing tool adjacent to each other. You need to read all the text visible to you on the image and start typing it down. The manual conversion process is quite simple, but it is only suitable for a few lines to type. If you have an image filled with hundreds of words worth of data, then manual conversion isn’t a good option. It would waste your time and energy. To convert images with plenty of data, you can use the other options discussed below.

  1. Convert your image data with Google docs

Google docs is a very popular writing tool powered by Google. This tool is used for writing, but you can also convert different file formats to Docx. If you want to know how to do it, you need to register with Google and make your account. Once you have registered, you will get free access to multiple tools powered by the search engine.

You need to open Google Drive on your browser as this is the platform that will help you initiate the conversion. On Google Drive, you have to upload the image file with text on it. The uploading options are quite simple, so you can easily do it even if it’s your first time. Once the image has been uploaded, you need to right-click on it. This would open a list of options from where you need to click on the ‘open with’ menu. In the open with options, you would see “Google docs”!

Click on Google docs and wait for the drive to open your file. Google docs would analyze your image and detect all kinds of textual data in it. The data would be converted into an editable Docx format in another tab. Converting images to editable text is quite easy with Google docs. Still, it can take some time, especially if the files are too big. 

  1. Use the online JPG to word converters for extraction

Using online tools is an easy, accurate, and extremely quick way to convert an image file to editable. A JPG to Word converter is generally used because images are usually saved in jpg or jpeg format. The jpg to word converter uses OCR technology to extract textual data from an image. Using these online tools is very easy.

The jpg to word converter would take a few seconds to analyze and convert all the data in the image into a downloadable word/txt file. With these online tools, you can convert hundreds of images to words without any restrictions. Here you should know that to use online jpg converters, you need a strong web connection and can utilize them on any device you want!

The best part about using online OCR tools is that they convert the data from the image without damaging the quality and format of the text.

End words

This article has discussed the top three ways to convert an image having data in it to editable formats like word or text. In conclusion, we recommend you use the manual text extraction method if you don’t have a web connection and have small chunks of text to edit. If you have a web connection and have huge data files to convert, you should always consider the online jpg to word or any other OCR online tool. These tools are free, reliable, and extremely friendly!

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