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Schitt’s Creek Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot – Everything We Know So Far

Schitt’s Creek Season 7 is among the most adored Canadian TV shows. The show has also received an overwhelming response from viewers and critics. The fans are waiting for the seventh season for quite a while, so we’ve gathered the most information we could and put it all together in this article. Find out more about the specifics.

Dan Levy & Eugene Levy

Schitt’s Creek is a TV show created in collaboration with Dan Levy and Eugene Levy. The Canadian drama series was broadcast on Canada through the CBC network on January 13th, 2015, as it was posted to an audience in the United States audience on Pop Tv.

Economic Collapse

The drama series tells a wealthy Rose family who has put aside their life because they need to relocate to a different area. It’s a small town, and they have to start all over again from scratch journey following their economic collapse. The two, Moira rose, and Johnny starts their new lives in a lodge and attempts to live everyday life, accompanied by their daughters David and Alexis. The show’s first season garnered a positive response from the viewers; however, once the show was in its third season on Netflix, its popularity rose to new heights. The show soon became one the most popular shows in Canada and got a tremendous reception for its script, direction, and performance.

Canadian Screen Awards

The show also received impressive awards like those from the Canadian Screen Awards, ACTRA Awards, and many other awards. With such a vast amount of attention, it would not be brilliant to think that anyone would expect to see a new show season.

Find Out More About the Details of Schitt’s Creek Season 7

A date for the official launch of Schitt’s Creek Season 7 isn’t revealed yet. However, we are sure the producers will release the show, and we’ll surely keep you updated. Also, it appears that Schitt’s Creek season 7 will be released sometime between 2022 and 2023. We are waiting for an announcement regarding the continuation of the season before we can speculate about the release date. The last season of the show was launched on CBC. However, we’re expecting season 7 to debut on Netflix. We’ll need to watch and watch to see what happens to find out more.

Portal for Media

While talking to the portal for media, the creator of the show levy told the outlet:

“I did not at any point want to compromise on the quality of my work or storytelling. It didn’t seem like it was worth taking the show any further. The aim was that towards the finish of the episode the family will understand the importance of love. Money can temporarily cover many things. But it is unlikely that they will be able buy the level of intimacy they will enjoy by the conclusion of the course “.

Details or News

If we’re lucky and this show does come to an end with season 7, the following actors will be on display. As we said earlier, the show has been canceled at the moment, so we don’t have any details or news about the cast on their side. Sources indicate that former actors will reprise their roles on Schitt’s Creek season 7.

New Actors

In addition to the actors from the past, we can also expect to see new actors being added to the show in the coming season. Based on the reports, there is a few of the actors or stars that are set to appear on Schitt’s Creek Season 7:

  • Dan Levy will deliver his character of David Rose.
  • Annie Murphy will present her character, Alexis Rose.
  • Eugene Levy will play the character of Johnny Rose.
  • Catherine O’Hara will be seen as Moira Rose.
  • Mullens Dustin Milligan will display the role from Theodore Ted.
  • Noah Reid will portray the character of Patrick Brewer.
  • Dan Levy will deliver his part as David Rose.
  • Annie Murphy will present her character, Alexis Rose.
  • Jennifer Robertson will display the role that is Jocelyn Schitt.
  • I’m Rozon will portray the role in the character of Mutt Schitt.


In the past seasons, we’ve seen 14 episodes, but as far as the episode count is concerned, for season 7, we can tell that it will continue the same storyline by having 14 seasons. We do not have any information about the show yet, but if anything changes, we’ll post it here.

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