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Should You Use SimplyGram to Grow Your Instagram Account?

SimplyGram is a popular platform that helps you in growing your influence on Instagram and having a greater number of followers. However, before you start spending your money on growth services like SimplyGram, you should know does SimplyGram work and its potential benefits for your business. 

The purpose of using SimplyGram is to grow your Instagram so that you are able to establish a loyal customer base and make more profits. Unlike many other platforms, SimplyGram is an organic Instagram growth service that helps you in getting more followers by relying on reliable strategies to get the organic following.  

Overview of SimplyGram

Using SimplyGram to get more followers will take more time than just buying the followers, but still, there is a significant benefit of obtaining organic follow because it means real people will be engaging with your account and posts on Instagram.  

Another important aspect to consider about getting more followers on Instagram is that if you are running a business through Instagram or wants to become an influencer, you should get followers among your target audience. SimplyGram can definitely help you achieve this goal of reaching your target audience and making them follow your account. 

The good thing is that SimplyGram also helps you in increasing your follower-to-engagement ratio. Keeping the engagement rate high is essential in ensuring Instagram identifies your account as a popular account and recommends it to other potential followers as well.

Working of SimplyGram

In order to use SimplyGram efficiently, you have to enter the kinds of accounts you would like to follow on your Instagram page. Moreover, the platform also determines the type of followers you already have to start interacting with similar accounts. It will help you in growing your followers by focusing on a specific target audience that provides you with greater chances of getting more followers. 

Once you start using SimplyGram, it will create about 25 to 100 new Instagram accounts on your behalf to send direct messages to the users and ask them to check out your main account on which you want more followers. 

It is an effective way of gaining more followers on Instagram, but you should keep in mind that this methodology certainly has limits because mirroring other accounts provide you access to a limited number of potential followers. Nevertheless, SimplyGram distinguishes itself from other Instagram growth services by asking you about your target audience and the people that you are trying to attract to your business. 

Pricing Model of SimplyGram

SimplyGram offers three different packages to the clients. The most famous package is the Individual Package, which costs $69 per week. It will seem like a very high price for startups and new businesses, but the cost is justified due to the significant organic growth that you will get from this platform. SimplyGram claims that it will have 40 Instagram accounts to your way in the Individual package. 

The next package of SimplyGram is the Influencer Package, which costs $99 per week. It is meant for medium and large-scale businesses. If you want to benefit from the Influencer Package, you will have to spend a significant amount of the marketing budget towards implementing SimplyGram to get more Instagram followers. 

The company is promoting the Influencer package by claiming that it provides faster organic growth and helps both businesses and influencers. About 80 Instagram accounts will be visiting your profile in the Influencer package. 

The third and final package of SimplyGram is the Pro package that costs a massive amount of $199 per week. It promises exceptional organic growth to Instagram users. Moreover, SimplyGram claims that the Pro package is the fastest Instagram growth service currently available in the market. There is no way to verify these specific claims, but the past reviews of SimplyGram suggest that it really works and provide a significant number of new followers. 

SimplyGram also offers a 3-day trial for free on all three different. You can cancel these trials at any time. Overall, the pricing of SimplyGram is quite expensive, and it is understandable that not every business, especially an emerging online business, will not be able to afford this platform. 

Conclusion – Does SimplyGram work?

SimplyGram is definitely a legit platform as it works to grow your Instagram account organically. Numerous benefits and features of SimplyGram have made it a popular name among the Instagram growth services available in the market. Therefore, you should definitely try out SimplyGram to determine if you are able to get the promised organic growth and build your online brand by having more followers on a popular social media platform like Instagram. 

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