Some Unique Cakes That You Can Gift To Your Friends

If you think about those people whom you love the most after your family, then you would surely name your friends! These people are undoubtedly one of the most important ones in anyone’s life. They know you more than anyone else, and when 

Their special days come, you try everything in your power to make them feel just as special. So this time, along with an amazing present, go for a unique cake that matches your dear friend’s personality, perfectly! 

Now you would think what is so unique about cakes? But you might not know, but there are certain types of cakes that are different from the rest, and there’s a high possibility that you might have never heard of them before. These cakes can be easily sent to your special friend’s doorstep through cake delivery in Bangalore. To help you get a clearer idea, here is a list of some fascinatingly different cakes that you can consider for your unique friend.

Mojito Cake

We all are blessed with that one friend who is a pro when it comes to cocktails. He or she saves you from all the embarrassment in front of the waiter and orders the best cocktail according to your own taste. So, this time surprise that cocktail love with a unique mojito cake. Yes, you read it right! Flavored with mint and delicious white rum this cake is just perfect for your friend’s special day. If mojito is not their favorite then you can also explore pina colada tarts as a replacement for it.

Antigravity Cake

Sounds creative? Well, they are! Antigravity cakes are a packet of sweets held over a cake to look like it’s about to fall on it. The trick is the stick holding the packet is covered with treats and sweets all over. Now, this cake looks a bit tricky but this is so much fun and will surely leave others wondering how to make it or even eat it.

Ombre Cake

As the name suggests, the ombre cake is an aesthetically pleasing-looking cake that has a fading effect as it rises. Made with different flavors, these cakes are perfect for that friend who likes doing everything in style. The cake looks very pleasing and classy at the same time. If you wanna turn it into a fancy anniversary cake or a wedding cake just garnish it with some fresh flowers, or get the baker to decorate it with edible flowers and fruits and you are all set to bring the best cake to the party.

Ice Cream Cake

Yeah, we know that ice cream cakes are not that very unique, but you have to agree that they are super fun and amazing. There is not a single person on this magical planet who doesn’t like ice cream and cakes. This time combine the two popular desserts together to make your friend’s special day extraordinarily special with the chillingly sweet taste of this wonderful cake.

Peanut Butter Layered Cake

Peanut butter has a separate fan base and if your friend is among those, he or she will surely love this fantastic dessert. There are plenty of options available online and offline both, where you can get this type of cake. However, before getting the make sure that the flavor complement’s the taste of peanut butter, or else you will have to throw the cake away, trust us we know!

Freakshake Cheesecake

The cake is as interesting as its name! The cheesecakes are extremely popular, however, some would argue that they are a bit dry, bland and some belives them to be too simple. So, to appeal to them bakers come up with a petty cool cake! If you and your best buddies are shake enthusiasts then you must have heard of the freakshake. Now get the taste of fantastic American cheesecake and the crazy fun of freakshake together with this awesome dessert. Prepare for a fun night filled with fudgy desserts, lip-smacking taste, and memorable times with your nearest and dearest friends. 

The dessert list above is some of the few exceptionally excellent desserts that you can include in your celebration to make it extra happening and to spread happiness among your lovely friends. 

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