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Styles to decorate your bedroom walls

Any style you choose for your bedroom walls should go with the biggest piece of furniture in the room, the bed and the headboard. Although the wall in front of the bed should have calming colours that give you a sense of peace when you sleep, you can include brighter colours and pastel shades on the wall with the headboard. Here are a few styles that you can try!

  1. Filigree – Try putting up wallpaper or get a pattern painted on your wall to make it look regal. You can go for silver or gold paint on a royal blue or bottle green. The wall can look royal and your bedroom can look like a royal chamber by changing just one wall. If you are looking to get an estimate of the cost, you can look up options for paint online
  2. Floral designs – A touch of floral designs can add a soft touch to a room. It can do wonders in a house and a room with geometric designs. It can change the ambience of the whole house and is a great tool if you are looking to introduce a little asymmetry. 
  3. Fire – If you are looking for a hot colour scheme, then you can try an orange two colour combination for bedroom walls. You can add patterns to the colour or try shades of the sunset to give the wall a theme of fore. 
  4. Mountains – You can try shades of blue in the shapes of mountains to give your room a touch of mountainous beauty. This calming effect can be used to depict the oceans and you can change the angular lines to soft curves and change the theme. 
  5. Grooves and textures – If you wish to try something more adventurous, then you can try changing the texture and adding grooves to add a bit of drama to your walls. You can try mixing colours to make the impact of the textures better. If you wish for a surface that will reflect less light and yet look bright, you can go for a matte finish. 
  6. Wall décor – If you don’t want to add colour or textures on the wall, you can go for wall décor. Try adding a wall mirror or frame or artwork to make the wall more interesting. This way you can add a focal point in the room and add a little elegance to the walls of your bedroom. 
  7. Light fixtures – If you wish to add a bit of magic using light, you can install the fixtures in corners and enjoy calmer lighting in the evening. You can also add fixtures with shapes, shades, textures, and cuts to change the effect of light on walls with a solid colour. 
  8. Cartoons and silhouettes – If you plan to design a kids’ bedroom, then there are a few things you can put on the walls that will make the area seem brighter and more playful. You can include their favourite cartoon characters, silhouettes or even their favourite colours. 

Styling bedroom walls need not be done based on trends and what is currently popular. The bedroom is your safe space and you should style it the way you deem fit. It is the place you spend most hours of your day.

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