The Best T-shirt Printing Methods employed in Print on Demand

In this new digital world printing technology business has revolutionized. Print-on-demand business deals with printing differing kinds of logos, words on any printable materials like mugs, T-shirts, pots, etc. to control this there are various ways from which Customized T-shirts is that the most trending across the world. the aim of this is often to showcase the reason why you’re wearing it. it should be for any election campaign or promoting any product, and plenty of more. Before starting a print-on-demand business there are few factors that require to be considered that feature the strategy used for printing, the sort of styles we’ll be handling, our specialized items, the simplest software, etc.

There are various methods by which you’ll move forward with t-shirt printing.

1. Direct to Garment printing method (DTG)

In this, we want to own a high-quality and full-color print which we are able to get from inkjet printers as they’re relatively cheaper than laser printers. Using Inkjet Printers we’ve got a bonus as they will be used on various fabrics. this is often an eco-friendly method of printing and helps in saving the environment. It prints the designs on pre-heated fabric or t-shirts and is that the best method for complex designs.

2. Screen-printing

The most common method employed in print-on-demand business it is often done either by hands or machine. It gives the simplest quality prints as inks used are thicker which allows them to last longer and produce vibrant colors because it has deep absorption. This method needs space because it gets messy when it’s used. this is often good for production with the identical design when needed in an exceedingly short time. There are some variations that provide a complement to the current method of Gel Printing, Glow within the dark, Crackle finish, UV Glow, Glitter Finishing, Suede Finish.

3. Dye sublimation

This is a computer printing technique that uses heat to transfer dye onto fabric. The solidified inks which are used become vaporized into gas once it’s heated. It involves dying on fabric directly. It only works on light fabrics and not cotton. The designs printed using this method last long.

4. Heat press printing

It uses the method of warmth to transfer a picture that’s created in wax to fabric. it’s a machine that’s accustomed imprint a design on fabric using the principles of warmth and pressure. The designs are easy to duplicate, easy to grasp and use. This method doesn’t work well on dark fabric.

5. Vinyl cutting method

This method follows several steps from cutting a special soft cloth into shapes and styles to transferring them into a shirt with the employment of the warmth press method. This method is preferable for mass and small-scale production. it’s best used for logos. the planning isn’t cracked so we get a high-quality product.

6. Plastisol transfers

It is an awfully simple version of the screen printing method as inkjet printers are still used and therefore the design is printed on plastisol paper which is then followed by a heat press to style on a t-shirt. the most effective part is it works with both full colors and few color designs.

While choosing any printing method ensure you retain some small print in mind like rate of production, cost it’ll incur, compatibility with fabric, the standard of printing. confirm to avoid flaws in making any decision. The printing method will decide the expansion of your print-on-demand business.

Pixibes t-shirt designs bundles are designed in such a way that any printing method will be accustomed get the right output.

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