The Complete History of Optus SMS Gateway

Optus SMS Gateway has been around for a while, and it’s essential to understand the company’s history before using it. The service is owned by Optus Communications Pty Limited and is an Australian telecommunications company. In the early days, it was known as ‘Optus Mobile.’ It is one of the leading providers of cellular phone services. It was launched in Australia in 1991 but has changed since then.

Long-Distance Calling Rates

The company was initially called AUSSAT and offered long-distance calling rates by dialing 1 before the area code and phone number. Eventually, AUSTEL decided to conduct a ballot process to choose a default long-distance carrier for customers. The company’s wholesale services included satellite, 4G mobile, and ADSL2+. In 2013, Optus acquired Microplex and renamed it Optus@Home.

In 2006, Optus’ head office was based in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, where it also had offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company was one of the first to offer long-distance calling rates. In 2007, the company joined forces with Elders to build a nationwide broadband network. In 2006, the company launched the Optus SMS Gateway and launched its service under Optus.

Mobile Services

Optus SMS Gateway was a service available in the U.S. for businesses. It is owned by Optus, the largest telecommunications company in Australia. It is the second-largest provider of mobile services in the world. Its main competitors include TPG, Virgin Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. However, it is the only telecommunications company to provide SMS gateway services for businesses.

The history of Optus SMS Gateway started in 2005. In 2007, it was part of a partnership with Elders to build a broadband network. Its name was later changed to Optus. In the meantime, Telstra had acquired several retail businesses, including Microplex. AUSTEL had a ballot process to decide which carrier would be the default carrier for its customers. In the following year, many of the company’s significant rivals joined hands.

Total Access Services

In 2009, Optus’s first long-distance calling service was launched in Australia. This service is available in most Australian cities and is widely available in many parts. Initially, customers could access long-distance services by dialing 1 before their area code or by telephone number. In 2006, Optus acquired the remainder of Elders and began offering Total Access Services to consumers.

In 2013, Optus acquired Elders’ wireless business. Initially, long-distance calling rates were available by dialing a “1” before the phone number’s area code. Then, AUSTEL conducted a ballot to decide which service provider would be the default. You were automatically transferred to the Optus brand if you had a Telstra account but manually selected the carrier.

Variety of Subsidiaries

Optus was founded in 1970 and was initially known as Elders. In July of 2006, the company acquired Telstra and started selling services under the Optus brand. Today, Optus’ network includes a variety of subsidiaries, including the popular TeleChoice, Allphones, and Alphawest. It is also the largest telecommunications company in Australia. This is a short history of the company.

The Complete History of Optus SMS Gateway starts in 1987 when Optus’ local phone network could no longer support the service’s pay-per-call model. Telstra and Optus chose different strategies as the two companies competed to be the default carrier. The latter had a better focus on the business market, and Telstra’s network was more suited for residential customers. The company subsequently bought Reef, and it was the second company to take over the phone system. It also took over the Australian cable market.

Final Words:

In October 2012, the companies reached an agreement to create a new network. The three companies’ three-year-old network is called the Optus SMS Gateway. It’s the only one in Australia to have such a comprehensive service history. It has expanded its coverage and has partnered with the other two major Australian telecommunications companies, Telstra. So, if you’re in the market for a new SMS gateway, Optus SMS will be a great choice read more.

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