The Justin goldsby And Robert Mungers Murder Have Been Prevented

The murder of Justin Goldsby and Robert Munger was the result of a violent relationship between Goldsby and Munger. The two had a history of violent behavior and were convicte of pedophilia. Goldsby tried to read a prepared statement in court, but his attorney interrupted him before he could finish. During the trial, he made many attempts to explain his behavior.

Several Victims Including

Niecko Goldsby was the man behind the crime, but no one is sure exactly what motivated him to kill Robert Munger. Police believe that Munger was a pedophile who had previously molested several victims including Goldsby’s sister. Goldsby told police that he killed Munger after seeing pictures of him raping a woman. He reportedly knocked Munger to the ground and then struck him in the head repeatedly. He later died from his wounds.

Goldsby is a former inmate at Airway Heights Correctional Center in Washington state. He had been transfer to different correctional facilities several times because of his behavior and also had more than 20 fights. He eventually became cellmates with Munger at Airway Heights Correctional Center. Police say that the two did not know each other before they became cellmates.

Requested a Different Cellmate

A Washington State Patrol investigate found that little could have been done to prevent Goldsby from commite this crime. He had been serving a prison sentence for stealing a police car and also assaulting a state trooper. When he was transfer to the Airway Heights prison, he requested a different cellmate. He also said he only meant to hurt Munger, but had no prior history with him.

Could the Justin goldsby and also Robert Mungers murders have been prevente Goldsby’s attorney said during his sentence heari that the young man had spent 10 years in foster homes. He was rescued by child services from a drug-addicted mother.He eventually reconnected with his drug-addicted mother.

Landed Him in Multiple Prisons

Goldsby’s crime record is extensive and also has landed him in multiple prisons. His crimes include stealing a police car and abusing correctional officers. He was scheduled to be transferred to Airway Heights Correctional Center in June 2020. He has since claimed that he never intended to hurt Munger and that he did not know him until they got into a car.

In his criminal history Goldsby had been involve in more than 20 altercations with correctional officers. He was transfer to several prisons and was eventually transfer to Airway Heights Correctional Center in Washington. Investigations by the Washington State Patrol revealed that the prison staff had no knowledge that the two were connected. He hit him fourteen times in the face and kicked him four times. Goldsby apologized to his victims’ family in a tearful statement.

Foster Care in Washington State

A judge has found that Goldsby should have been prevent from enter into a violent relationship with Munger. He spent years in foster care in Washington state. His had previously been charged with raping a girl and also stabbing someone else. He was convicte of murder in December 2019. At his sentencing hearing, Goldsby apologized to Munger’s family for the violence he caused.

Investigate The Incident

Goldsby’s violent relationship with Mungers was first exposed in 2017 when a journalist uncovered the murder of a prisoner. The journalist who was investigating the case suspected Munger. Munger was involve in rape the prisoner and also taunte Goldsby about the abuse. Goldsby was convicte of the crime and sentence to more than three years in prison.

The Washington State Patrol was called to investigate the incident. They found that corrections staff followed proper protocol and also that the two men had no prior connection. Corrections staff said the men were separate by last name and were unaware of each other’s pasts. Another inmate who witnessed the initial interaction said the men discussed Goldsby’s mother but did not try to transfer him out of his cell.

Last Words:

There is speculate about the relationship between Justin Goldsby and also Shane Goldsby, who were both convicte of a second degree murder last year. The two men are related and also both are 42 years old. They are also both involve in the entertane industry. They have famous children. Justin is a businessman and the father of two children, Niecko and Avis read more.

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