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The Life of Justin Goldsby | Pros & Cons

Throughout his career, Justin Goldsby has been an inspirational figure for many people. He is a vocal advocate for social justice and he has been involved in many different projects. He has also been awarded for his achievements. In addition, he is currently serving a prison sentence.

Adrenaline Stunts

Originally a stuntman in Hollywood movies, Justin Goldsby’s career has spanned the entertainment industry, the military, academia, and more. His achievements include launching a stunt team that has performed in numerous feature films and television shows. He has also launched his own stunt company called Adrenaline Stunts.

Headquarters United States Air Force

While on the military side of things, he worked for Headquarters United States Air Force. He was awarded several research awards and became a Lieutenant Colonel. He was even selected as a competitive candidate for a US Air Force scholarship. His served as an investigator on several federally funded research projects. He has also served on Archimedes’ team that accredits the Estonian National Defense College.

Co-Authored Five Books

On the academic front, he co-authored five books. He has chaired eight Ph.D. dissertations and has published over 90 articles in academic journals. He has been named as a top masters over-40 runner in the country. His research focuses on the interplay between regulatory policy and service operations.

Awards & Honors

During Justin Goldsby four years at CC, he has earned a variety of awards and honors. During his senior year, he was named the Team’s Most Improved Player and a member of the Leadership Award. He also was nominated for the National Underclassmen Combine, Texas vs. World Game, as well as to play in the National Collegiate Combine. He also set a Creekside passing record and was the league’s Most Improved Player as a junior.

Ancient Mystic Order of the Trilobite Award

As a sophomore, he earned the Ancient Mystic Order of the Trilobite award, as well as the Lambda Pi Eta Book Award. He also earned the Wolterink Prize in Biology, and Hope Chemistry Senior Awards for Research. He is also a member of Sigma Theta Tau, a nursing honor society.

As a junior, he played for Coach Johnny Gilbert at Creekside Christian Academy. He set career passing records, including two seasons with a perfect score. As a senior, he was nominated for the National Underclassmen Combination, Texas vs. World Game, and set a Creekside season passing record.

Prison Sentence

Having a cellmate who gets a beating is bad, but having a cellmate who gets a beating to the point of death is downright appalling. A man named Shane Goldsby recently received a 25 year prison sentence for the murder of his fellow inmate. His sentence was a compromise between the prosecution and his defense in a plea deal. The court ordered him to pay restitution to the family of the victim.

Goldsby’s story goes back to when he was a juvenile. He was rescued from his foster home after child services intervened. His younger sister was still a minor. His mother, a drug addict, started abusing him. The pair began using drugs together.


In the end, Goldsby was able to get out of his cell and go on a high-speed chase before he crashed into a state trooper’s vehicle. The incident is now being investigated by the Washington State Patrol. The investigation found no evidence that screening staff knew about the connection between the two men.

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