The Loss of SPC David Deweese

During the time that my husband and I were stationed in spc deweese, we lost a loved one. This was a very hard time for me and my family. I remember the day we heard that our beloved Marine had died. I had never had to deal with a death like that before and I was afraid. It wanted to know more about it. I wanted to understand what had happened to our loved one. It wasn’t easy but I was determined to find out more.

Lifelong Marine

During his long career as a Marine, David Spc Deweese earned many medals. During his time in the Middle East, he helped train Iraqi police officers. He was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb while training them. The loss of this young man has devastated his family and the entire U.S. The loss of SPCC Deweese has added to the humanitarian crisis in Iraq.

Proud Member of the Marine Corps

SPC Deweese was a proud member of the Marine Corps. He enlisted in 1984, a few years after graduating from Poca High School. He was married with two sons. His loved the outdoors, sports, fishing, and working on the yard. He was also a huge fan of the New York Yankees.

SPC Deweese served as a Humvee driver for the 16th Infantry Regiment. A Humvee is a light four-wheel-drive military vehicle that can carry supplies to the front lines. It is also waterproof. The Humvees are susceptible to roadside bombs, so it is important for a Marine to be careful.

New York Yankees Fan

During his time in the United States Marine Corps, SPC Deweese was a lifelong New York Yankees fan. Aside from his love of the Yankees, he also loved the outdoors. He enjoyed fishing, playing baseball, and being on the water.

Poca High School

He was born in West Virginia and graduated from Poca High School. He then enlisted in the Marine Corps at the age of seventeen. His served in the Middle East and received several awards for his service. He was part of a platoon that trained Iraqi police officers.

Legacy of Grief

Spc Deweese’s death will leave a legacy of grief for his wife and two young sons. It will also add to the humanitarian crisis in Iraq.

SPC Deweese’s death is a tragic loss for the United States. He was a Purple Heart recipient for his service, and was known for his leadership skills.

Advocate for Law

Among the ranks of SPC David Deweese’s many accolades is his status as a mentor to young attorneys and prosecutors in the 5th Judicial District of New Jersey. As the official public relations specialist of the SPC, he carries the banner for the SPC’s international efforts. A member of the elite 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, Deweese also served as deputy commander of the aforementioned squadron. He subsequently led troops in multiple combat deployments to Iraq.

SPC David Deweese has been a member of the military for over 13 years, but the true test of his skills came in 2009. Before his time in the armed forces, he had a career in finance and law, earning a business degree from South Texas College of Law in 2012. As a former federal agent, he also served the country for a while.

Adjunct professor at South Texas College of Law

Located in downtown Houston, the South Texas College of Law is a private, four-year, American Bar Association-accredited law school. It’s also an equal opportunity employer. The college is known for its supportive culture and commitment to student success. The college is also a member of the Association of American Law Schools.

Public Service

The South Texas College of Law boasts a full-time faculty of 161 and a part-time staff of 62. The school’s instructional staff comprises of those designated as primarily instructional, primarily research, or performing public service.

The school’s newest addition is an adjunct professor of law. In addition to his construction law course, Ben Aderholt has taught the legal complexities of a variety of industries and has also been an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. He has written more than five dozen law review articles and holds the Centennial Chair in Constitutional Law at South Texas College of Law.

Final Words:

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, SPC Deweese was killed by a roadside bomb. He was a member of a unit that was training police officers in the country. His death added to the humanitarian crisis in the region.

SPC Deweese served in the Marine Corps for almost four decades. He received multiple awards, including the Medal of Honor and the Legion of Merit. His was also a federal agent. He had served in Afghanistan and Iraq twice. He is buried in the Poca National Cemetery.

Deweese’s family has been devastated by his death. He was married with two young children. He was a native of Putnam County, West Virginia. His attended Poca High School and graduated in 1984. He enjoyed yard work and fishing.

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