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Tiktok Downloader – Introducing 3 best tools today

As a fun application, the demand for tiktok video download is increasing. Let tiktok downloader introduce you to the best download tool available today.

How does TikTok work?

Unlike, which only focuses on syncing to music, Tiktok has a wider scope. Provide users with a wide selection of sounds and snippets with a special effects option. From there you can be as creative as you like.

Currently, with support tools after creating a video as you want, you can download video tiktok to your device. However, not all tools support optimal functions for you.

Therefore, the tiktok downloader will introduce the 3 best tools that you should use.

SnapTik Tool

SnapTik is top-rated in owning great tiktok video downloader features. With this application, you can quickly download any video to your device in seconds.

Just download SnapTik here and paste the video link you want to download into the app. Then press the download button and it’s done within a note. For those of you using a computer, you can visit SnapTik’s website.

Download tiktok videos with SnapTik

Not only that, you will be more surprised at the quality of the downloaded video, which is almost no different from the original. Responding to increasing demand, the upgraded SnapTik allows you to download videos without the logo.

In addition, this application also supports you to download the background music of the video you like. Thanks to this function, you almost own your own ringtone treasure.


This is a website that only supports you to download videos from international tiktok and tiktok on your computer. However, this is also a reliable site.

To download the desired clip you need to copy its link. When accessing the Tikmate website, paste this link and hit the download button.

Download tiktok videos with Tikmate

Now the video will switch to another interface. Here you select the 3-dot icon and click download.

Tikmate is an online tiktok video downloader without watermark. With just 1 button download the process becomes a lot simpler.

SaveTik Tool

SaveTik tool provides free to help you download full HD and HD tiktok videos. This app shows you all available file formats before downloading. You can also save multiple videos at once.

Download tiktok videos with SaveTik

Besides, the downloaded videos are processed without being blurred. Also if you like you can save it as mp3 too.

This online SaveTik can be used on Chrome, Safari,… and many other browsers on Windows, Mac, Linux. 

Download video TikTok by SnapTik on iPhone

SnapTik application supports downloading on Android. However, for those of you using an Iphone, rest assured because the way to download video tiktok is as follows.

  • Step 1: Visit website on Safari browser.
  • Step 2: Select the “Paste link” button to paste the link you copied from the tiktok video.
  • Step 3: Click “download video” and select download server 1 to download videos without logo.
  • Step 4: The video after downloading will be in the SnapTik folder in the download section.


The sharing of the last tiktok downloader is really helpful. With the 3 best tiktok video download tools, you have more options, right? 

Hopefully, these tools will help you have an optimal, more wonderful experience. Please save good videos and share these videos with your loved ones.

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