Time Warner Remote Control Codes & Program Time Warner Remote Control

The Time Warner remote control can operate a wide variety of home entertainment devices, though not all are programmed the same way. You can program your remote by pressing two buttons at once and ensuring you have the correct codes for the device you are trying to operate. The following guide will show you how to program your remote for your specific device. You can also learn how to program your remote for your television by reading this guide.

Cable Control Codes

The TimeWarners universal remote control works with TimeWarner cable boxes and provides the same control functions as the original remote. It also features a complete list of cable control codes and different programs. If you are unsure how to program your remote, you can find more information online or in a user manual. Then, go to the manufacturer’s website and follow the steps listed.

Time Warner Cable Box

Using the Time Warners universal remote control, program the desired code using the component buttons on your TimeWarner cable box. You’ll receive light on your TV indicating that programming is ready. Then, press the component buttons on the remote and press the power button. To program a specific device, you will need to program the other components in the same way. Afterward, you will need to enter the codes of the device in the Time Warner universal remote control.

Success of Programming

Depending on the universal remote model you own, it’s possible to program multiple devices with the same Time Warner remote control. To program a universal remote, use the component buttons and the power button. Once the programming is complete, the LED on the TimeWarner universal remote will flash twice to indicate the success of programming. If you cannot find the codes for your particular brand of TV, you will need to purchase a universal TimeWarner remote control.

Popular Option for Programming

The universal remote control is another popular option for programming your TimeWarner device. It allows you to program a universal remote control with various TimeWarner devices. The code you use will be listed on the universal remote controller. Then, you can program the Time warner universal remote control with other device codes. The instructions are listed on the back of the manual, so you can use it to program a Time Warner universal TV and another device.

You can use the same code to control your Philips television if you have a TimeWarner universal remote control. If you have a Philips TV, you can use a Time warner universal remote with the same brand name. You should enter the same code on the universal remote for multiple Philips TVs. It would be best if you then programmed the TV by selecting the component button then using the power button.

Original Remote Control

The universal remotes are usually equipped with an original remote control. The universal remotes are compatible with multiple devices, and they allow you to use one remote to program different devices. You can program the Time Warner universal remote to control all your televisions, including Samsung TVs. This code will allow you to manage your televisions, home theaters, and other accessories with the same Time Warner universal remote.

Brand & Setup Code

If you have a Time-Warner universal remote control, you can use its codes to program your television. These codes will work on any Time-Warners TV and other types of Time-Warner equipment. To program your Time-Warner universal remote, press the component button, and the power button. After a few seconds, you will be able to program your remote to control your TV with the proper brand and setup code.


When you need to program your Time-Warners universal remote, you can follow these steps to program it. You should find the codes from your manual and type them into your time-warner universal remote. You can also check the codes on your Sony TV by pressing the TV device key. The TV device key blinks twice when you are ready to program. Then, press the select button on the universal remote read more.

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