Tips For Hosting a Successful Younique Party

Arranging a party is always a stressful time for anyone. Whether you are throwing a traditional party or a virtual party, you are bound to feel a little bit of anxiety over it. The good thing is that you can make hosting a Younique party easier and smoother with the help of certain tips and tricks. 

Keep reading to learn all of the important tips that will help you in hosting a successful virtual party. 

  1. Create a Guest List

Online space may seem to be limitless, but the number of attendees may make or break a virtual event. You may connect up to 100 individuals at once, depending on the platform you pick. It’s vital to keep your video conference modest since having so many faces, and microphones might make it a bit confusing. 

However, keep in mind that you also have to consider that not everyone whom you invite will be attending the virtual party, so you can invite 20 to 30% more guests than you actually expect to join the party. 

  1. Choose the Video Conferencing Platform

The free tier of most video conferencing platforms is more than sufficient to host Younique virtual parties, especially if you are operating with a limited budget. 

Zoom is a simple, obvious option since it has established itself as the standard go-to tool for virtual meetings throughout the epidemic. Just keep in mind that you only get 40 minutes for every meeting if you don’t have a paid subscription. 

Depending on whether you’re enjoying chatting to people or if a swarm of toddlers is trying your patience, this might be both a benefit and a burden.

Google Meet, Skype, Facebook Messenger Rooms, and FaceTime are all alternatives to Zoom. However, they all have restrictions on the number of simultaneous connections that may be made. The advantage of all of these other alternatives is that none of them have a time limit, while Zoom outperforms them all with its capacity to accommodate up to 100 people (500 with the Large Meeting add-on).

  1. Select a Time

People have quite hectic lives nowadays, so you should send out invites far in advance, just as you would for a regular party. Online services and tools can be used to create invitations and send them to your guest list.

You should let them know at least two weeks before the event since there will probably be some parenting logistics involved if your visitors are children. Two weeks is plenty if you are just working with adults.

You may want to ask your guests about the ideal days and times to invite them to an evening party. If everyone in your group uses Google Calendar, you may request access to their calendars to set the party’s timing.  

  1. Avoid Too Technical Tools

You should not assume that everyone on your guest list is familiar with the most common or even the most obscure video conferencing apps. When you send out your invitations after deciding on your “venue,” be sure to include some instructions. 

Moreover, take the time to describe how to set up the platform in your own words rather than simply pasting a link to the help page. Even before the party, you may need to be present to answer inquiries.

Ask your visitors to download and test any necessary software in advance so that issues may be resolved. If you just have a short amount of time for your event, you won’t want to waste it battling someone’s broken microphone while the other attendees wait.

  1. Create Hype for your Younique Party

It’s common for people to get sidetracked and skip a party. Send out reminders, create memes for the event, or, if you have a theme, share material around it to build excitement. You can also share a pre-game playlist or ask your visitors to bring something for the occasion. Determine your visitors’ level of devotion to the party before asking them to do anything if they are all adults. Some individuals will be quite excited to join your party and have a great time.

  1. Order Food and Drinks

You may use curbside pick-up or delivery services from your preferred neighborhood restaurant, brewery, liquor shop, or caterer as it is a special event. Encourage your party attendees to follow suit so that you may all share in the food and beverages. You should also consider ordering food for your guests virtually via Uber Eats. 


If you correctly plan a virtual party by following these tips for hosting a Younique Party, you should have no issue getting the guests to enjoy your engagement party and have a great time. Having a ‘Younique’ themed party is a good way of interacting with the guests virtually and making some great memories together.  

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