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Tips on Designing Spaces with little-to-no Windows

Fitting everything you need into a small house, or apartment is difficult. Trying to
arrange everything and make it look cute is even more difficult, especially if you have a
space with little windows or no available windows at all!

However, you do not have to hide your style because you do not have a big house or
windows. You can add any decorative piece like custom accent chairs, colorful furniture,
and more. Decorating a small space, like decorating a large one, requires design
innovation and an eye for what works and what does not.

But that makes small space design so enjoyable. You would not think it necessary to
specify because you want windows in your home. But you do it occasionally. Don’t
worry as we got some space suggestions to make you resolve the problem!

Make a fake window

For this tip, window coverings will indeed be your best buddy. By incorporating fake
coverings and fake curtains in your space will open up the illusion of a window. This will
provide an additional layer of texture to your space and a more in-depth look.

Decorate with Larger Items on the Room’s Space

There is no reason for avoiding large furniture when decorating a space with minimal
windows. You can put any decorative piece of your choice, preferably a furniture piece
that will elevate the look of your space, like custom chairs.

Be strategic about where you place them, as it is essential to do the trick that your
space is bigger than it is. Keep large items, such as hutches, couches, and bookcases,
against the wall. This will create a sense of depth in a room so that the natural light has
a space to strike.

Look for Multi-Purpose Furniture

Since a space with no windows can appear relatively small, an item of twofold duty
furniture can do the job that saves both space and resources. Desks, dining tables,
king-size beds, and even custom chairs are available in styles that you can remove
easily to allow more space.

And also, look for furniture that can be converted into couches and side tables. These
items have different purposes. For example, a bed can be used as custom chairs or
desks. This furniture is more cost-effective.
Make your Storage Space Innovative

As much as you want to fill your place with so many things, you should also consider
your storage space because it will appear bulky and crowded as it has fewer windows.
However, you can still utilize the decoration with space efficiency by obtaining pieces
with custom sizes and shapes that fit perfectly in your home. You can make custom
chairs with built-in storage or even a custom sofa that has a storage space underneath.

Architecture and Design will do the Trick

Every piece makes up a small space, so make sure that the architectural feats are
taken full advantage of, and in fact, they are your favorite space. In these instances, you
can make use of a beautiful accent piece, maybe a custom cover, so that you can read
and relax even with a faux window nook. Or you can invest in custom chairs that can
elevate the look of your space.

Even getting banquet tablecloths to transform the look of your dining table can go a long way in making your home look beautiful.

Play with the Symmetry Measures

Naturally, nature and homes are drawn to symmetry. It fits the style of space with little
or no windows.

If you want to have some seats in your small living area or can’t do without additional
storage cabinets, make the pieces work in your room by mirroring each other. You can
also consider getting custom chairs that will surely brighten up your space, a good style
of paintings, or any tweaks that fit in your home. In this way, your area will appear clean
and more eye-pleasing.


These are the best tips that you can do to elevate your space with minimal windows or
having no windows at all. Custom chairs are the best option as it gives you the illusion
of an enormous space. An elevated look is perfect for improving your home decoration!
Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers varieties of custom chairs that you can choose from. So,
what are you waiting for? Order the custom chair that is the best fit in your space!

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