Top 4 Best Locations to Place Your Custom Yard Signs

Yard signs are undoubtedly one of the best marketing tools for your business. They are cost-effective and extremely durable to withstand various outdoor elements. However, location is the primary thing for the yard signs. Many business owners create attractive yard signs with relevant promotional messages. But fail to utilize the proper benefits of the yard signs as they don’t know about the proper placement location of the yard signs. No matter how effective yard signs you design, you cannot use them to promote your business if you don’t determine the perfect location to showcase them. 

When you place the yard signs in the perfect location, you’ll be able to boost their exposure. For instance, placing the yard signs in high-traffic areas will allow your business to receive more exposure from potential customers. The better your replacement of the yard signs, the greater leads you can generate. Here are the top 4 locations for your yard signs to improve their visibility. 

In Front Of Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are one of the most foot traffic areas where many people visit to shop. Placing your custom lawn signs in front of the shopping malls will help you increase the visibility of the signage as well as your business. 

Keep in mind that other businesses know the perks of placing yard signs in front of shopping malls. Therefore, make sure you’re not placing them in specific overcrowded locations. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make your business stand apart from them. Give yourself a highly visible and open area for your lawn signs. 

In High-Traffic Intersections

Placing your yard signs at the high-traffic intersections where people will stop is one of the best ways to increase their visibility. While waiting at the intersections, people will be able to read your yard signs patiently. 

However, keep in mind that you should avoid placing your promotional yard signs at every single intersection. Placing the yard signs in every single corner or intersection of a small area will irritate people. Your primary goal is to improve the visibility of the signs, not to sign-bomb the people. 

In Public Medians

Public medians are another heavy traffic area. If you know the perfect location as per your targeted area, make sure you use between six and twelve signs. Using more signs than this number will overcrowd them. 

If you’re targeting some specific areas where you’re promoting your business, make sure the audiences are capable of reading your yard signs perfectly. As medians divide the traffic, the proper placement is crucial. 

Keep in mind that you might have to abide by the rules and regulations regarding the placement of the yard signs. The rules vary between the states and cities. 

In Front of Your Current Inventory

For real estate investors and wholesalers, placing your lawn signs in front of the property that you’ve acquired is one of the best ways to raise awareness of your business. The people will be motivated after seeing your property and they will undoubtedly call you for your services. 

As yard sign marketing will help you develop strong brand awareness and establish a positive presence in your target community, you should be careful while placing them. As per Taboola, brand awareness will improve brand perception


These are the top 4 best locations to place your custom yard signs. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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