Top Strategies for Dentistry Marketing

The internet has become an indispensable tool for patients on a journey to find dental care. On top of this truth, incorporating the right digital marketing strategies for your dental practice is not only worth it — it’s essential, mainly because of the fierce competition amongst dentistry businesses to win patients. 

Providers such as Prevention Digital focus on researching and creating digital marketing strategies for dental practices so that you can focus on what you do best — giving full attention to your patients

Transform Your Marketing With SEO

In digital marketing, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, describes how well your website performs on Google, among other search engines. Prospective clients often use search engines to find dentistry clinics or look up information on dental services. That said, SEO is unarguably the backbone of dental practice marketing. With a strong SEO presence, prospective patients will likely perceive you as a reliable dental service provider. 

Your dental practice’s growth depends heavily on clients hailing from nearby areas. Aside from that, the dental clinics down the street are most likely your greatest competition. For this reason, you need to give special attention to Local SEO. When your dentistry business earns a spot on the top results of a localised search, you’ll start to experience a steady flow of patients.

Here are sure-fire ways to take your local SEO ranking to the next level :

Have a Complete Google My Business (GMB) Profile  

If you don’t have a verified GMB platformto manage your online business profiles on Google, you’re missing out.

By simply having an interactive, complete, accurate, and up-to-date GMB account, your dentistry business is likely to get ranked on Google Maps and local search results when people search for dental services in your area of operation. Another incredible feature associated with this platform is that it allows Google to display feedback and star ratings from patients who’ve used your services. GMB reviews will showcase your dental practice’s credibility. 

Your GMB profile also has a description section where you’re required to fill in crucial details about your practice. For the best local SEO results, use the right variations of dentistry-related keywords naturally in your write-up when describing what your business offers. 

Place keywords (including location keywords) such as “best dental clinic in (insert city)”, “tooth extraction”, and “dental care services in (insert city)”, among others, in the description. That way, your clinic will have a higher chance of appearing on search results when potential clients make queries like:

  • “Dental services near me”
  • “Best and affordable dentists in (add your city)”
  • “Best dental clinic to get a tooth extraction in (insert your city)”

Have Your Dentistry Business on Directory Listings

Many people still rely on online directories to find local dental service providers. As part of your efforts to boost your local SEO score, adding accurate and consistent information about your practice to local directory listings will improve your brand’s visibility. The possibility of local clientele finding you when searching for dental services within your vicinity will be high.

Optimise Your Website for Local SEO

Have accurate and up-to-date NAP details on your website. NAP includes your dental practice’s business name, address, and telephone number. These details must be the same in all other areas where they appear on your site, and match what you’ve included on your GMB profile.     

Your website must also meet all the standards of a great website to improve your business’s chances of securing a higher local SEO ranking.

Prioritise Content Optimisation 

In the dental field, content optimisation involves tweaking the dental-related content on your website to make it appealing to search engines and, by default, your site visitors. Optimising your content is one of the best ways to make potential patients view you as an authority in the dentistry space, which means you’ll be at the top of their minds when they want dental services.

Google loves value-rich content. There’s no better way to make your content show on the top search results and witness a spike in your website traffic than to publish helpful, quality dental-related content regularly. 

The key to creating well-optimised content repeatedly is keyword research — digging deeper into the specific queries and phrases potential patients ask or use when looking for dental-related information online. When you have insights into their content needs, you will create content around these needs.

For instance, if you discover (through timely research) that the term “tooth extraction” gets about 10,000 searches monthly, then you’ll know it’s a topic you need to cover from different angles.

Have Properly-Designed FAQs Sections on Your Website Pages

You should have well-structured FAQs sections on your website pages so that potential patients can easily find answers to their common dental-related concerns or queries about your practice. 

Aside from raising your SEO score, including FAQs allows you to make potential clients see your brand’s value more clearly as you offer information-rich responses. 

Focus on Delivering What Potential Clients Are Searching For

It wouldn’t work in your favour if you simply churn out generic dental content to keep up with competition. Instead, be strategic about it. A strategic approach entails carrying out comprehensive keyword and market research to produce the most relevant content for your potential clients. 

In a world where customers are sometimes bombarded with an oversupply of irrelevant information, choose to stand out by constantly delivering content that reflects your niche audience’s information needs. By doing so, you’ll keep them connected with your brand.

Grow Your Dental Practice With Digital Marketing in 2022 and Beyond

Running a dentistry venture is demanding, and it may get more challenging when you have to handle all your dental marketing needs alone.  If your venture struggles to keep existing patients or attract new ones despite providing the best dental care services in your area, your problem could be closely tied to ineffective marketing tactics. The good news is, that’s a fixable issue. What can be done right? Where should you focus on? That’s what we will explore with you in this post.

Your business’s digital marketing success shouldn’t be left to luck. With the guidance of a specialised and trusted team of dental digital marketers who know what works and what doesn’t, you’ll have no trial-error marketing strategies to deal with.   

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