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The healthcare industry is undergoing a significant transformation, and many providers and administrators seek the best solutions to meet the challenges of this time. Health systems must find new ways to manage revenue cycle processes and boost productivity with increased financial pressures and increased patient expectations. A complete revenue cycle management solution from TriZetto, a Cognizant company, helps healthcare organizations with analytics, appeals, and clinical integration, as well as digital patient engagement.

Medical Data

Among the many solutions for revenue cycle management offered by the company, Right Patient has become the standard in healthcare. This software helps providers recognize patients by their photo IDs and connect their medical data. It is used by organizations like Novant Health, Duke Health, OhioHealth, and Baptist Health, South Florida. It secures patient information and allows providers to identify and manage them more effectively.

Healthcare Organizations

The resource is another revenue cycle management solution optimizes healthcare organizations’ billing, coding, and health information management departments. This company specializes in chargemaster review and contract management and provides healthcare organizations with people with relevant expertise. Its software also provides a comprehensive patient financing solution and reduces the provider side of payment plan administration. Further, its technology offers integrated care and unified reporting, a crucial part of the revenue cycle.

Clinical Outcomes & Satisfaction

Source: A complete revenue cycle management solution that improves clinical outcomes and satisfaction. It is a full-service revenue cycle management solution that offers consulting services for billing, coding, and also analytics. It also provided advanced technology such as photo recognition and also augmented reality, making it easier for doctors to identify patients. The software helps to secure patient information and also avoid identity theft. The company’s resource platform enables providers to access real-time reports, a vital element for successful revenue cycle management.

Scalable & Fully Customizable

The solutions of TriZetto provide complete revenue cycle management. These solutions are scalable and fully customizable. The software’s robustness and also flexibility allow easy integration with other applications and also seamlessly integrates with existing business systems. The comprehensive software suite is made up of a range of features to meet the needs of healthcare organizations. One of them is RightPatient, which uses a mobile application for identifying and linking patient medical data.

Using a complete revenue cycle management system is essential for health organizations. Technology is a crucial tool for maximizing revenues. The RZS Suite is a comprehensive revenue cycle optimization solution that integrates with any EHR. The software also has a dashboard that tracks the quality of each patient’s experience. Its comprehensive service ensures that a health system works for every patient and also effective processes.

Efficiency & Patient Satisfaction

Implementing a complete revenue cycle management solution is essential in ensuring success. A total revenue cycle management solution is critical to an organization’s success. A complete RCM solution is a crucial investment in a healthcare business. We offer solutions to help health systems increase their efficiency and patient satisfaction. A comprehensive solution will allow you to improve patient data. In addition to this, RZetto will also provide training and consulting services.

TRIZetto’s revenue cycle management solution is an open-source, cloud-based solution that provides complete RCM services for healthcare organizations. The flexible software allows organizations to customize it according to their unique needs. Additionally, the system can be customized to meet the specific requirements of healthcare providers. Moreover, it is scalable and can scale as its business grows.

Last Words:

TriZetto’s revenue cycle solutions are scalable with an open core administration system. By leveraging the benefits of open source software, healthcare providers can improve their bottom line and increase productivity. The software is customizable and designed to adapt to your unique needs. It can help you optimize your healthcare business and increase revenue by focusing on your core competencies and improving patient experience read more.

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