Upcoming Comedy Movies to Stream in 2022

Sometimes all you need is a big giggle. According to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, A little amount of laughing is excellent for your health, particularly when it comes to stress alleviation. It’s a true saying: laughing is the greatest medicine.

While there are various ways to laugh, watching the funniest movies is a definite way to laugh. Several comedies we’ve been waiting for are going to hit theatres! If you like a good slapstick comedy, you’ll enjoy these future releases.

Upcoming Comedy Movies to Stream in 2022

 Movies that were supposed to launch in 2020 – postponed due to the COVID-19. However, 2022 will be the most jam-packed year in the film industry’s history. 

Even though film theatres are packed with big-budget superheroes and blockbuster films, there are still a lot of medium-budget comedy movies. Here is our list of the finest new comedy films coming out shortly. 

  1. I Want You Back

Undoubtedly, Charlie Day has played in many film jobs under his credit, including playing the oddest character in the well-known movie “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” He has the most animated voice. 

The Day may be found in theatres and on streaming platforms everywhere, whether creating a monster’s voice in a Pixar film or as a crazy scientist in the Pacific Rim. Finally, I Want You Back is available to watch on Prime Video, and it is the most recent rom-com starring Day.

  1. The Bob’s Burgers 

This movie results in TV programs not having a good rep, but it was filmed during the show’s popularity. Because it is now the finest animated TV show, not much can hinder the movie’s pop-cultural allusions, dry humor, and goofy characters from being as pleasant.

The film is not only a full-length episode, but it also has a high production value, complete with various cinematic whistles and bells. The film also offers music to enjoy.

  1. The Man From Toronto

This movie revolves around Kevin Hart, who is trying to establish a habit of linking up with other well-known actors for buddy cop flicks. Odd couple rom-com flicks are becoming Hart’s bread and butter, whether it’s Ice Cube’s Ride Along or Dwayne Johnson’s Central Intelligence.

That won’t change in 2022 when the comedy will be opposite Woody Harrelson. The film has a new approach to the genre.

  1. Legally Blonde 3

Elle Woods is possibly Witherspoon’s most memorable character. This film, which should have been a lighthearted story about a ditzy law student and her lovely puppy, was transformed into a global sensation because of the inspiring and captivating Elle.

Even though Reese Witherspoon has been in several other wonderful films since the release of Legally Blonde in 2001, fans have been waiting for Legally Blonde 3 to hit theatres.

It took a long time for Legally Blonde 3 to be released. After being slated for release two years ago, the film epidemic has been the most severely affected, but it will be released in May 2022 when the pandemic is over.

  1. Jackass Forever

The series follows a group of friends that do ridiculous things, and jackass forever takes place 12 years after the third film. But it boosts the stakes and the enjoyment factor. The team isn’t holding back since some of the new acts are the most dangerous.

 The studio turned down several absurd stunts, and Johnny Knoxville was hospitalized only two days after production began. Unlike these other films, jackass forever will only be accessible in theatres.

  1. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

This Paul Rudd-directed comedy is certain to make you laugh. This all-new chapter in the Ghostbusters series stars Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Carrie Coon, Sigourney Weaver, and Bill Murray, who played the first Ghostbuster in the original Ghostbusters film.

When odd things start happening in a little hamlet, a single mother and her two children rapidly realize that they had ancestors who were members of the first Ghostbusters team. After all, it’s in their blood to do this. Also, check out 7 Star HD online movies for free

  1. Marry Me

After realizing that her lover is having an affair, a Latin music queen decides to marry a stranger holding a ‘Marry Me’ sign on the street. Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson appear in the film, a heavyweight in the genre. A classic romantic comedy plot will be presented, especially for unexpected pairings.

Marry Me is based on a graphic novel of the same name, which is surprising considering most comic book adaptations center on superheroes. However, it seems improbable that the picture will serve as the beginning of a cinematic universe.

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