Ways to make your Studying hours Productive

    To make anything worth the task is a difficult task, and when it comes to making the hours you study productive, it is one of the toughest among them. Students usually go online on various sites like quora and try to find quora answers for this problem of theirs, but to no avail. 

One thing that has always troubled students is that they study for hours and hours and still are not able to remember anything and produce the desired results. Productivity comes as a result of input of genuine efforts. 

If you want to be productive, you have to focus your attention entirely on the work you are doing which would thereby give fruitful results. So, for productivity it is smart work along with hard work that is required. 

In fact, it is more of smart work and less of hard work. So below, in this article, are a few tips that can help in homework you make your hours of study productive within less time:

Do not study all at once: 

Studying for hours at a go would not benefit one at all since research proves that the attention span of a human being is at most one hour in a sitting. 

Research also proves that when a large number of people cease to maintain their level of productivity after 60 to 80 minutes of working continuously. 

Thus, if you plan to study and complete your target in one sitting you won’t get the desired results. In fact, you start exhausting and frustrating yourself within no time.

Plan before you execute: 

Plan for yourself short duration of studies involving small targets which are achievable within that time. Take short breaks between each study time.

Take short breaks: 

Your short breaks should not consist of hectic and tiring activities. Rather activities that relax your mind and body muscles should be undertaken. For example, if you have studied for 45 minutes take a 15-minute walk or some breathing exercise or listen to some stress relieving music.

Plan daily: 

Make a plan for yourself at the beginning of your day and try as much as possible not to deviate from this plan. If you accomplish the tasks assigned for a particular day you will feel relaxed and stress free at the end of the day and have the satisfaction of completing your task.

Avoid social media in breaks: 

Don’t use social media in your shorter breaks since it can distract you once and for all instead, use it when you have finally done the task of the day.

Settle in a place suitable for study: 

Try to settle yourself in an environment similar to that in school and a not-so-comfortable one because a comfortable place can make you drowsy and sleepy.

Clear your mind of all extra thoughts: 

Once you sit to study, try to eliminate all other thoughts from your mind and concentrate on what you are doing. It most often happens that you sit down to study and that is the only time when thousands of different thoughts cross your mind and distract you. 

If you are not able to concentrate due to this flow of thoughts, then give yourself a break and let these thoughts cross your mind once and for all.

Keep your gadgets away: 

Do not keep your electronic gadgets near yourself since their notifications may distract you and capture your attention thus diverting your focus.

Include leisure activity: 

Do not just study, study and study. Keep some time aside for leisure activities as well to break the monotony of your routine life. Hang out with friends, have family get-togethers and other such activities that would refresh your mind and body.

Exercise and Meditate: 

Exercise and meditate to keep your blood circulation going in the right manner and your mind relaxed. As it is rightly said that A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Thus, exercising and meditating would keep your mind healthy and eating nutritious food would do the same to your body.

Don’t exert yourself a lot: 

Don’t try to exert yourself when you are weak or are sleepy. In both these cases the brain refuses to give 100% results. Thus, one must first relax or recover, whatever be the case, and then concentrate on studies.

You may have your study groups: 

You can have your study groups if discussions and deliberations with your peers give you the desired results and improve your productivity. But if such groups distract you then you must avoid them and try to study alone. Figure out yourself what suits you the best.

Keep yourself motivated: 

Always keep yourself motivated and know the reason why you are studying. Keep on reminding yourself of your aim and ambition. This would further motivate you even when you are not willing to work further.

Do not procrastinate: 

Make it a point not to procrastinate and if you do so then make it productive. Already make a plan for covering up for the procrastination. Therefore, keep one or two extra hours for compensating the loss due to procrastination.

Do not chase two rabbits at a time: 

Do one thing at a time. Concentrate on one subject, finish it and then move to the next subject. If you want to keep yourself from being troubled by the thoughts of pending work, 

the most appropriate thing, as talked about above, is making a timetable for the day. This way you will have the satisfaction of doing all the assigned work in time.

Be consistent: 

Try to study everyday even if you are studying for one hour. If you plan on delaying and not studying a day so that you can relax, your flow will break, and it will become hard to once again abide by the same timetable.

The points mentioned in the article are the ones tried and tested and thus may be adhered to in order to get fruitful results from whatever you do. Although a lot of us may resort to several methods that they have finalized after reading quora answers, yet you can trust these methods to be credible ones. 

Thus, if you really need assignment help in studies and want to make your hours of study productive, abide by these few tips and you will see remarkable results within a few days. 

And hence you get the solution to the ever-troubling problems of the students that has resulted in most stress problems. Just remember that consistency to these methods will get the best results, else there are chances that you may still have to start from step 1.

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