WeLeakInfo 12B KrebsSecurity: What You Need To Know

Until January 2020, WeLeakInfo 12B KrebsSecurity was one of the world’s most popular websites for selling stolen data. It had indexed more than 12 billion user records scraped from thousands of data breaches.

WeLeakInfo was shut down by law enforcement, but data is still circulating on the dark web. Now, a threat actor is selling a ZIP archive that contains payment data from WeLeakInfo customers who made their illicit purchases via Stripe.

Sold Stolen Data to Cyber Criminals

WeLeakInfo 12B KrebsSecurity was a website that sold stolen data to cyber criminals. The site offered access to names, email addresses, usernames, and passwords that had been scrape from thousands of data breaches.

For $2 a day, anyone could make unlimit searches to find out whether their name had been stolen in a data breach. It was a popular tool on underground cybercrime forums because it was dirt cheap and allowed low-skilled hackers to make quick work of phishing targets and hijacking their accounts.

Dutch National Police Corp

The website was shut down by law enforcement last year. The FBI, UK’s National Crime Agency, the Dutch National Police Corp, and the German Bundeskriminalamt joined forces to halt its operations in January 2020.

In March 2021, a threat actor with access to WeLeakInfo’s Stripe account released an archive of its customers’ payment processing data, including full names, partial credit card details, transaction dates and their Stripe reference numbers. These details could be used to track down and prosecute those who made illicit purchases on WeLeakInfo.

Shut Down by Law Enforcement

The FBI and law enforcement partners overseas recently seized WeLeakInfo, an online service that sold stolen data. The company specialized in trafficking hacked personal information and offered an extensive searchable database.

In January 2020, an international law enforcement operation led by the FBI and also involving police in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and also Northern Ireland allow the agency to seize the domain, effectively shutting down its operations.

Its services were use by hackers, scammers. And also identity thieves to carry out illegal activities and put millions of people at risk. This is a big problem because data breaches are becoming more common in the world.

Serious Issue for Businesses

WeLeakInfo was a site that sold stolen data. It exposed the personal information of over 12 million people, including their names, addresses, and also phone numbers. This data can be used to commit identity theft or other crimes.

Aware of the WeLeakInfo Leak

Businesses should be aware of the WeLeakInfo leak and also take steps to protect their employees and customers. They should monitor their systems for suspicious activity. Train their employees on data security and privacy best practices, and implement strong security measures.

WeLeakInfo was shut down by law enforcement. However, the company still has a database of more than 12 billion leaked records. This database is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to stay up to date on data breaches.

Good Tool for Hacking

WeLeakInfo was a website that allowed users to search for sensitive data such as email addresses and passwords. In July 2019, the site was hack and also over 12 billion records were leak.

It’s no secret that data breaches are on the rise. And also this has a direct impact on both businesses and individuals. Criminals are using this data to commit identity theft and also other crimes.

Weleakinfo 12B KrebsSecurity

Luckily, there are tools available to help protect yourself and also your business from the latest threats. One of them is Weleakinfo 12b krebssecurity, which provides a suite of security services and features including 24/7 monitoring and analysis of all systems, networks. And also applications, managed antivirus and firewall protection, data security policy formation, intrusion prevention and detection, incident response and management, and employee education and awareness.

Final Words:

What makes it the best is its ability to provide organizations with a comprehensive set of cybersecurity tools and methods that are design to detect and mitigate all manner of malicious threats and intrusions. This can lead to improved security and compliance, increased visibility into your network and applications, reduced costs, and increased efficiency.

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