What Are the Most Likely Numbers to Win Mega Millions and Why?

There are many lotteries and contests in the U.S. Still, Powerball & Mega Millions are the most popular because they frequently collect enormous rollover cash rewards, with most current jackpots exceeding more than a billion dollars.

Participants in both games are required to select six digits. Five numbers from 1 to 69 plus a sixth number ranging from one and 26 make up the Jackpot in the event of this lottery. In the meantime, five numbers from 1 to 70 and the other digit from 1 to 25—the Mega Ball—are picked in the country of Mega Millions.

The chances of earning the Lottery jackpot are reportedly around 292 million. Your odds of winning the prize in Mega Millions are 1 in nearly 302 million. Due to this, we figured we’d reveal the digits that appear frequently and, some claim, offer the best chances of winning. In the spirit of this post, we chose not to seek advice from bothersome probability specialists!

Which Mega Millions of digits appear the most frequently?

Anniversaries and birthdays are two significant dates that some people pick. Still, some choose to be a bit more strategic when making decisions, particularly when there is more than $1 billion mostly on line!

As per USA Mega, the most popular official Mega Millions winning numbers include 17, 10, 14, 31, & 4 from the most recent 495 draws.

Each numeral 22, 11, and 24 are significantly more probable to be pulled because they are the most often selected Mega Ball digits.

The least popular numbers can also be used tactically because they will eventually be selected.

These Mega Millions digits 50, 35, 49, 55, & 51 seem to be the lowest popular ones, which indicates that numbers in the fifties are selected far less frequently.

The least frequent Mega Balls include 8, 23, or 7. There’s, therefore, a possibility that these may be selected in the evening’s draw.

Regardless of which digits you select, keep in mind that your odds to win the Mega Millions is 1 in 302 million, then don’t second-guess yourself too much.

Lucky numbers in the recent history

These lucky numbers were picked from the primary batch of Seventy white balls throughout the Mega Millions jackpot between October 31, 2017, and July 26, 2022. The statistics span 495 drawings.

  • 17 — 48 times, they were drawn. A higher frequency than any others on this ranking. Following April 15th, it has not been mentioned.
  • 14 — 47 times drawn; the last time was on July 22nd.
  • 31 — 47 times drawn, once on July 5 and once more on July 19
  • 10 — 47 times, they were drawn. The most recent time was July 12.
  • 7 — 44 times, they were drawn and recently seen on July 26.
  • 4 — 44 times drawn, recently occurred on 10th June.
  • 8 — 43 times, they were drawn. Revealed the previous week on July 15.
  • 11 — 43 times drawn. The most recent time was June 24

Additionally, these six numbers—20, 62, 43, 58, 3 & 48—have been picked 42 times throughout the exact time frame as the ones mentioned before.

But if you choose the five major balls correctly, you must also select the lucky Mega ball to take home the huge prize. As a result, everyone is at a disadvantage.

Do any numbers need to be avoided?

51 in statistical terms. It has only appeared 21 times throughout the specified period. However, it did occur on July 5, barely two weeks back.

What time are the Mega Millions of drawings?

There are two chances for Americans to earn this Mega Millions prize per week.

The tournament’s drawings occur every Tuesday or Friday around 11 p.m. EST.

Tickets cost $2 and are available countrywide at petrol stations, drugstores, and grocery shops.

For many Mega Millions of purchases, there is a $1 Megaplier choice that multiplies non-jackpot winnings by 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Alabama, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, & Utah are the only five US states that don’t have a Mega Millions lottery available.

Summing up

The first action you must take when you succeed in winning the lotto is to keep your win a secret. If the jackpot enables you to receive your successes an anonymously, do so

Otherwise, you’ll discover that everyone is for your cash. Long-lost family members and acquaintances will request assistance or provide financial guidance. The response to any unwanted demands for money must be “no” when you respect your privacy.

Before collecting your award, allow yourself enough time to plan for the earnings. Lottery winners typically have many months to collect their winnings.

To prepare for taxes, speak with a skilled attorney of your choice. Lottery winners sometimes are unaware of the taxation they would owe on their prizes.

Additionally, none of the tips or numbers mentioned above guarantee you millions. You can always try your luck. After all, it’s a game of chance! 

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