What is Xresolver & Its Best alternatives In 2022

xResolver is a web-based service that collects and stores your publicly accessible data. The downside is that it is often used in DDoS attacks and can be susceptible to data scraping by bots. If you’re interested in making your data private, this article may be of interest.

Organize Your Publicly Accessible     

xResolver is a web service that lets you store and organize your publicly accessible data. The service works by storing your IP address and allows you to add notes to each address. You can store up to 25 IP addresses for free and unlimited for premium users. You can pay for the service using your CashApp account. The service is a popular tool among gamers and is a helpful way to identify your opponent’s IP address.

Although it may seem like an ideal tool to keep your private information private, it can be dangerous if your IP address is made public. If you want to prevent this information from being released to strangers, you should install a VPN. Moreover, you should avoid using xResolver if you have a friend who uses it.

Xresolver Converts Long

Users will be surprised to know that the web-based tool does not only track your Gamertag, but also your IP address. xResolver converts long Gamertags into short IP addresses that are easy to remember and safe from hackers. The service also has some other features, including the ability to change your PSN gamertag and Xbox username, as well as perform an Nmap port scan.

XResolver is a web-based database that can help you identify targeted DDoS attacks. It works by collecting information from gamertags and online profiles. The data that it collects is then used by xResolver to target websites and services. However, if you are not careful, this program can negatively affect your gaming experience.

Protect Online Privacy

You can also use xResolver to block malicious software. It can detect malicious software, websites, and content and block them. DDoS attacks can be frustrating and expensive, but there are steps that you can take to protect yourself.

xResolver collects IP addresses from thousands of websites. It then stores this information on its servers. The information may include IPv4 addresses, Gamertags, and usernames. It claims that the information it gathers is anonymous, but this is not the case. Once this information is publicly available, anyone with an interest can use it to spy on others. This will leave a bad taste in the mouths of every gamer.

VPN Servers Specifically Xbox

If you play Xbox games online, you’ll want to protect yourself from hacker activity by using a VPN server. There are a variety of ways to do this, but a good VPN will always hide your IP address. It will replace your current IP address with a dedicated one. Different VPN services use different types of addresses, including static ones that share the same IP address with all users, and dynamic ones that change every time you connect. xResolver is one service that offers VPN servers specifically for Xbox gamer data.

XResolver is an excellent tool for gamers to protect their identity when they play Xbox games online. It can also protect the identity of those playing on their Xbox consoles, such as gamertag and ISP address.

Monitoring Personal Network

If offers VPN servers in 7 locations, including France, London, Sydney, Hillsboro, Germany, and Eygelshoven.

xResolver is a service that uses web scraping to collect data. Its bots crawl the internet in search of public information like username, gamertag, and IPv4 information.

Last Words:

While this isn’t illegal, it is still unsavory. Nevertheless, if you want to block DDoS attacks, this service is an excellent option. It is easy to use and does not require technical skills. It works both online and offline and comes with user guides. xResolver has helped resolve more than 25 million accounts read more.

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