What kind of flowers to give while proposing your crush on valentines day

February 14 is hyped for being a day of sharing love, a day we celebrate as Valentine’s Day. Initially, Valentine’s Day used to be celebrated in Rome. The Romans celebrated the occasion from 13 to February 15 in honor of St. Valentine. The Day was addressed to love and marriage.In the fifth century, another occasion called Lupercalia was started to celebrate this Day, and it became a day of love and fertility. Sharing Valentine’s day cards with each other started around 1400, and it’s still very trendy. During 1900, printed cards came into the spotlight and became famous worldwide.

The History of Valentine’s Day

Do you know why people started celebrating Valentine’s Day in the name of love or how it became so popular among all?. In this article, we will have a beep into Valentine’s Day’s History. So, Valentine’s Day is also named st. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honor of Saint Valentine to show love, admiration, and devotion. But the story of St. Valentine is still an unsolved mystery. Some people believe that he used to be a priest in Rome during the third century. The king of that time banned the marriage of young men to dedicate their souls to the service of the empire completely. St. Valentine’s found it unfair and secretly continued the young couple’s wedding. After knowing this, the king got angry and gave him a death sentence.

Others believe that; St. Valentine was a prisoner who fell in love with the jailor’s daughter and wrote a letter for her by “From Your Valentine.” He wanted to help the Christian prisoners, who the Roman jailors often tortured. After some time, He got killed because of these allegations. No one knows the actual story, but these stories make him a true fighter and believer of love. And this is the reason why Valentine’s Day flowers are connected with expressing love.

Why should roses be gifted for Valentine’s Day?

For centuries, on Valentine’s Day, we gave our loved ones a bouquet of beautiful roses and expressed our feelings. But do you know the reason why exactly we always choose roses over any other flower? In this article, you will get a valid reason why roses are gifted on Valentine’s Day. There are many ancient traditional stories about giving roses on Valentine’s Day. Some believe in other legendary stories. A fragmented rose stays fresh for a long time. You can even consider  rose color meanings from our guide. However we prefer red roses over other blooms as they signify deep bonds. 

Red Rose for Valentine’s Day

The way a red rose can simultaneously express unbearable pain and eternal love is beyond imagination. It is believed that the red rose came from heaven. Red roses represent love, modesty, trust, complete devotion, and deep bonding. Gifting red roses on Valentine’s Day and expressing one’s feelings has been a tradition for centuries. Are you looking for the best roses for Valentine’s Day? Get it from online flower delivery.

Although the red rose is more famous for Valentine’s Day than any other rose. But different colored roses symbolize a particular meaning. People often hesitate to express their feelings in front of their loved ones. Don’t worry anymore and let the rose do the job. Pick the specific color with significant meaning and tell about your feelings through the flower. Let’s see the different best roses for valentine’s day and their associated meanings –

Meaning of all colored roses

Red – This color signifies passionate love and romance. 

White – It symbolizes pure love and unity. 

Orange – The orange color rose signifies joy and true friendship.

Purple – The purple-colored rose signifies majesty. 

Yellow – Yellow roses imply joy and admiration.

Black – Black roses symbolize death and unpleasant situations. But in some cultures, black roses are also known to kick off evil vibes.

Blue – Blue roses stand for impossibility and secret love.

Dark Pink –  It signifies the in depth bond with the close relations. and also show the love towards each other. 

Green – Green symbolizes the enthusiasm spirit and love for the nature. 

Lavender – The lavender-colored rose shows love at first sight. 

Pale Peach – This flower symbolizes honesty and morality. 

Burgundy – This flower symbolizes beauty, true passion, and love. 

Salmon – Salmon-colored roses signifies the affection between two hearts. 

Cherry Brandy – Cherry Brandy color rose represents care and says that you will never leave your partner.

Coral – The coral is all related to the hope, faith and promise towards each other.

Yellow – Yellow roses imply joy and admiration towards your partner and are wholesome.

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