Which Ring Goes Into Which Finger? Why It Matters

Do you ever look at your hands and feel there needs to be a change?

We’re not talking about trimming your nails but rather putting a ring on those fingers! Rings are one of the most popular types of jewelry and add extra flair to your outfit.

But how do you choose the right rings? Where should you wear these rings?

This short guide will show you what do rings symbolize so you can decide what are the best ring options for you.

The Ring Finger

The ring finger is your fourth finger, just before your pinky. For engagement and wedding rings, you can either wear them on your left or right hand.

In Western societies, the left ring finger is standard. It’s often used for engagement and wedding rings. Some single people will wear promise rings on their fingers.

Promise rings signify that they’ve agreed to marry someone at a later stage. It also signifies that they’ll remain celibate until marriage.

The right ring finger isn’t common in Western societies and doesn’t really hold much significance. It’s more common in countries such as India and Russia.

Of course, your ring finger can be another finger for your favorite rings. It’s often used for wearing a unique style, such as Celtic rings.

You can purchase a Celtic ring here if you want such a unique ring.

Index Finger Rings

So what do rings for your index finger mean?

The left index finger doesn’t have any particular significance, but it’s the best finger to show off your favorite rings. It’s also great for wearing multiple rings.

If you’ve got a smooth gold ring or a shiny diamond ring, show it off on your index finger.

But what about the right index finger? It’s also great for showing off your favorite rings. In some Orthodox Jewish traditions, the right index finger is used as a wedding ring.

Thumb Rings

A ring on your thumb doesn’t hold much significance but is also great for showing off your favorite jewelry.

Often, the thumb is great for showing off a large gemstone. It’s also great for a band made of a unique material. For example, if you have an onyx or marble ring, then your thumb is the place to show it off.

If you like chunky rings or other non-traditional rings, it’s best to wear them on your thumb. Wearing rings on your other fingers can often be too distracting.

Now You Know What Do Rings Symbolize

Now you know what do rings symbolize and on what fingers you should wear them.

The left ring finger is the standard for engagement and wedding rings across most of the West. The right ring finger is mostly for showing off your jewelry.

However, if you want to show off, the index finger is where it’s at! It’s one of the first places that another person will notice. It’s ideal for showing off a shiny ring. Your thumb is great for thicker rings.

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