Who Are the Biggest Industries in Greensboro, NC?

North Carolina is an incredible state with affordable living, fantastic weather, and awesome food, and at its heart is the awesome city of Greensboro.  If you’re considering moving to more affordable pastures, this city has you covered: but you need to make sure to find employment before you move.

These are some of the biggest industries in Greensboro, and what working for them could mean for you! 


Molding the minds of the future, and giving them a reason to achieve, is one of the best parts of being a teacher.  Working in education in Greensboro means working for Guilford County Schools, which currently employs almost ten thousand employees.  These jobs range from teaching to administrative work and sanitation.  This means that you can get a job doing almost anything that you’re skilled at, as long as it fits within the county’s needs.


If you want one of the highest paying jobs: working in healthcare will ensure you can afford any of the Greensboro apartments for rent that you want!  The main healthcare employers in Greensboro are Cone Health, a healthcare nonprofit, and High Point Regional UNC Health Care, a hospital.  Together these employers have over six thousand employees in the Greensboro area, with a comfortable turnover that means if you want a job with them, you’ll be able to get one.  


Guilford county currently employs over 2,500 people, and the city of Greensboro has another 3,000 people.  This means getting jobs working for the city or county could be a great choice.  Not only does this type of work come with health insurance, but you can also get other perks, like having holidays off and a more dependable employer.  These jobs generally pay well and range from trash collection to working within the government itself, depending on your skill set and interest.

U.S Postal Office

Although this could be considered a government job, the USPS is a large enough employer in Greensboro that it deserves its own slot.  With over three thousand employees, the sorting facility, and mail delivery drivers, are constantly at work to ensure packages and mail arrive safely to their destinations.  Whether you’re new to the area or you’re getting used to some of the different streets- being a driver for the USPS will have you instantly familiar with the roads and capable of getting around Greensboro faster.  This is a rewarding job and a great way to be a part of the community. 

Customer Service

Customer service jobs are a major employer in Greensboro!  Ralph Lauren employs over 2,800 employees working in anything from warehouse to customer services and fabrication roles.  This company pays well and has a generally good rating from employees, with specific times for most employees, so your shifts are predictable.  Whether you’re a specialist or you’re looking for something more entry-level, chances are you’ll find something great to do with Ralph Lauren! 

Greensboro is an Incredible Place to Work!

Greensboro has such a low cost of living that almost any job here is a winner!  Consider moving here and checking out some of these employers soon. 

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