Who is Allen Greene (In Memory of) from Shawshank

Who is Allen Greene? He is the late actor who starred in the classic film The Shawshank Redemption. This role is highly regarded and influenced the movie industry. He was a renowned baseball and basketball player who became a successful actor in the film industry. He was also a friend of Frank Darabont, who helped secure a directing job with Castle Rock Entertainment.

Source of Inspiration

While acting in the movie, Allen Greene developed a strong connection with the film industry. He worked tirelessly to secure the film rights and was an essential source of inspiration for Darabont. In the early years of the film, Greene went to college and was a professional basketball player. He was diagnosed with AIDS while filming the movie and died shortly after. Sadly, his death was due to complications from his HIV/AIDS.

Voluntary Manslaughter

After being convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 1957, Allen Greene went on to become a successful agent. He was a close friend of Darabont and worked to secure his film rights. However, he did not survive until the movie was finished. As the film is a non-sexual love story, it can be interpreted as either a romantic comedy or a drama.

Personal Friend of Darabont

While a personal friend of Darabont, Greene also became a literary agent for Darabont. In the film, he is remembered as a well-loved agent and a close friend of the director. Sadly, Greene died a few months before the movie was finished. Although it’s a tragic ending, it’s still a great movie.

Novel & Film

The film is based on the 1982 Stephen King novella Rita Hayworth. Several changes were made between the novel and the film. In the film, Greene, a former member of the AIDS-afflicted community, was the sole beneficiary of an extensive check. He was the first agent of Darabont, and his friendship with the writer was crucial. The result was a movie that critics highly praised.

In the movie, Greene is remembered as the literary agent for Darabont, who had worked with him on the film’s script. During the filming of The Shawshank Redemption, Greene was a close friend of Darabont. Despite his lack of screen time, Greene was a devoted fan of baseball and basketball and received special thanks from the film’s producers.

Baseball & Basketball

Born in Washington, D.C., Greene was a college student in White Hall, Illinois, when the film premiered in theaters. He had a love of baseball and basketball, and his parents had a mutual admiration for him. In addition to acting, Greene is also a baseball fan. He is credited with being the lead play-by-play broadcaster for MLS.

Legendary Filmmaker Frank Darabont

Although the film does not mention Greene by name, the actor’s contribution was noteworthy. He was a close friend of Darabont and a mentor to Darabont. Greene also worked with the legendary filmmaker Frank Darabont and played the role of a young man with AIDS. He died before the film’s release. As such, the movie is a tribute to him.

The movie is dedicated to Allen Greene, the late actor who starred in the film. He was a literary agent for Darabont and was a close friend of the director. The movie is rated R for language and violence but is a good watch and a must-see for anyone. The acclaimed director’s character, Morgan, also played by the late Michael Douglas, was a beloved film.


The film is dedicated to Greene. The famous actor sadly died of AIDS while working on the movie. His work is memorialized in the dedication, which Darabont and his wife write. He is credited in the movie as Darabont’s literary agent in the film and a close friend of the director. In the end, we learn that the real-life story of Greene is true. The real reason it is a great one that it explains the reasons why it is so successful. For more articles visit Today World Pro

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