Why AA Meetings in New York Encourage Members to Use a Sobriety Calculator

Sobriety is not something that you can accomplish overnight. It is a lifelong commitment to abstain from alcohol and drug use and is likely to be threatened from time to time. One should not rush the process; it is important to inculcate the desire to stay sober. For people who are not keen to stay sober, enforcing it on them is futile. Sooner or later, these individuals will give in to their cravings. So how can AA meetings in New York help alcoholics maintain their pledge to stay sober?

Why sobriety calculator facilitates recovery for addicts in New York:

You will find that AA meetings encourage members to use a tracking tool like the sobriety calculator. Using this tool, you can input the time and date when you stopped drinking. The calculator then shows you how many days, weeks, or months you have successfully stayed sober. 

Finding such tools is easy on AA websites, and AA meetings reward those who have achieved milestones with chips or tokens. These tokens stand for the number of days or months an addict has stayed sober. They were first introduced in Indianapolis in 1942 and continue to be offered at both AA and NA meetings. On being rewarded with these, addicts feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. The medallions remind them of how far they have come and the struggles they have overcome.

The white-colored chip stands for 24-hour sobriety; chips can be of different colors to represent different time periods for which one stayed sober. They give hope to AA members, and you will find local AA meetings celebrating this event every month. Those addicts who get chips for having completed an entire year of sobriety are special. These chips are typically tri-plated or bronze-plated and intricately designed. The recipients are more than happy to flaunt these tokens to give hope to and inspire others battling addiction.

AA meetings are held in every state to help recovering addicts heal faster. You can use an AA meetings locator to find one close to your home or office. It is not enough to attend a handful of meetings; you need to show up consistently if you have to get better. Being with others like yourself, battling the same addiction, can give you strength and hope. Using tools like the sobriety calculator can help you stay on track and motivate you to do better.

Recovery from alcoholism is not an easy process. It takes time, determination, and commitment. Alcoholics Anonymous upholds the 12 traditions of AA to guide addicts on this path to achieving sobriety. Remember that it is never going to be easy to walk into an AA meeting for the first time. You will have fears, apprehensions, and insecurities. But the key to getting better is to keep attending these meetings, even if you do not participate in them proactively. Simply sitting and listening to fellow addicts share their stories of struggle can help you heal. You will soon be able to muster the courage to open up about your own experiences and seek help.

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