Why are blue light glasses considered safety gear?

Blue light is a debatable topic for many. Some say that blue light does not harm us or our eyes. Some say that blue light affects our eyes to a great extent. The lights emitting from the digital screen are harmful because of the glare and the rays. Thus these rays when entering our eyes affect our eyes and create a disturbance in our vision.

People are more into screen work these days. Whether they are doing a desk job or are a gamer, all these involve screen work and our eyes are exposed to the screen. Here comes the need for blue light glasses

Who can use blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses can be used by anyone and everyone. There are no restrictions for anyone who wants to wear blue light glasses. It is recommended that everybody should wear blue light glasses. The reason for saying this is because blue light glasses are a protective shield that protects our eyes from the harmful blue light rays emitting from the screen.

Blue light is not bound to only prescription glasses. These glasses should be worn by people whose main work is involved in front of the screen and with any electronic devices like computers, laptops, mobiles, and others. 

When should you wear blue light glasses?

It is always recommended that we should not take any risks with our bodies and with our eyes. We should always go for an eye test before we proceed further with our eyes. You get a free eye test at Specscart and then try out the glasses.

Blue light glasses can be worn anytime. This is because most of the time we are exposed to the screens and other harmful rays of the sun. While we go out in the sun, we can wear blue light glasses with additional UV protection. This will help our eyes to stay protected from all the external factors.

People often use their mobiles during bedtime. It is recommended that you should not use mobiles during bedtime or should stop using the device 1 hour before sleep. During the night, one should turn on the blue light filter of their mobiles and wear blue light glasses.

Wearing blue light glasses in the dark or dim light can help in better vision and protect our eyes from the blue light rays.

Why is it necessary to wear blue light glasses for gamers?

Gamers are more exposed to blue light. They spend hours in front of the screen and are exposed to blue light and harmful glare. Different games have different graphics with different glare and rays emitting from the screens. Thus they should wear gaming glasses while they start with the game.

It is to make sure that the gaming glasses are fully protected with blue light and other required coatings so that the eyes stay in better health. With the proper gaming glasses, one can enjoy the games even more and experience new things in the game.

Lifestyle tips for reducing blue light exposure

Various natural tips help from blue light exposure. You can check Specscart’s Youtube channel for more information on this topic and others. Some of the natural tips are as follows-

  • Take a break of 10-15 mins after every one hour of work. This break is necessary because of the continuous work as our eyes experience strain. Eye strain can cause various problems and disturbances in our vision. Take a walk and spend some time in the natural world rather than spending time in the digital world. This can decrease the level of stress.
  • While taking a break from your work, try to build a new hobby like reading. That 10 min break will fetch your knowledge and learn many unknown things. Do not touch any digital device during that time. 
  • Try to interact with new people, and build communication among people. This will also help to build communication skills. It is very important to build communication skills as this not only helps people among the group but also builds interaction skills and confidence wherever the person goes.
  • Dim the light of your workspace. Working in very bright light conditions causes various eye problems. It also causes dry eye problems. Dry eye problems are very common these days and this is one of the causes which leads to dry eyes. Thus one should take care of the eyes and wear proper glasses.

These are some of the reasons which lead blue light glasses a compulsion for all. It is our responsibility to take care of our health and our body. The eyes are one of the crucial and delicate organs of our body which needs proper care and protection.

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