Why Cotton Balls Deserve a Permanent Space in Your Make-Up Bag?

Believe it or not, we all are too busy getting our hands on trendy make-up products that we often miss out on the basic beauty essentials that hold importance in day-to-day life. Not just make-up, but these Beauty and Face Care Accessories are making so much difference in our daily skincare and beauty regime. Taking proper care of your skin does not only mean hoarding expensive products but also keeping minimalistic things handy such as cotton balls and wipes.

 When you think of cotton balls, the first thing that comes to mind is removing nail paint. But in reality, cotton pads play a very distinct role in everyday make-up application and removal, skincare, and other beauty routines. More than just a mere packet of cotton pads that makes a comeback in your life once in a blue moon, here’s a list of a few occasions when you would need them the most. 

Different Uses of Cotton Balls That We All Should Know

Travel Friendly 

Sustainability is the need of the hour and when it comes to packing for any trip, you should prefer traveling light with the right products that save both time and space. While packing your make-up, slid a pack of cotton balls that prove great for cleaning the make-up and face whenever needed. These basic things are beauty quickies that will save you from smudged eyeliner and smeared lipstick whenever you are in a jiffy. Hence whether you are on an overnight trip or heading on a long vacation, don’t forget to add cotton balls to your bag. 

Applying Blush or Powder

For every sudden plan with friends, you need to look your best but you forgot your make-up brush at home. Enter cotton pads for all the touch-up sessions in the washroom! Keep cotton pads in your handbag and be tension free about those last-minute make-up sessions. These cotton balls perfectly fit in your bag when you don’t want to carry your large-sized make-up brush. Cotton balls feel soft on squeezing hence you can use them for seamless blending of powder blush or highlighter.

For Storing Make-up Brushes Safely 

For every make-up lover, his or her beauty brushes are no less than a real BFF. And that’s why keeping them safe and well organized becomes a top priority for them. To keep your make-up brushes clutter-free, dry and protected, you can place some cotton balls in the container that you use to store your make-up tools. Covering the surface of your make-up container with cotton balls will keep the bristles safe from all types of debris and you wouldn’t need to clean them very often. 

Wrapping Cotton Balls around Fingers to Clean Nail paint

Only if removing nail paint was as easy as it sounds! There are days when you sit with your DIY Manicure Kit to pamper your nails but are stuck on chipped nail color because it refuses to get off. All you have to do is take cotton balls and soak them with the nail paint remover. Next, wrap the ball around your fingers and leave for some minutes. Remove it later and you will find polish from your fingertips gone!

It’s time to bring those cotton balls out on your dresser and use them to the fullest in your daily grooming chores more than just cleaning make-up. 

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