Why Is Sunscreen Important?

All of our lives we hear people talk about how important sunscreen is, but they typically neglect to mention why the product is so important. If sunscreen is imperative to our health, then why? Everyone on earth could tell you how important something is to your health, but without a basic understanding of the situation, you are far less likely to adhere to their warnings. Lets’ take a second to investigate the purpose of sunscreen products and the difference they can make in your life.

The Purpose of Sunscreen

It is no secret that extended amounts of time in the sun have the potential to cause skin damage, also known as a sunburn. The severity of sunburns has a broad range, but maybe a first or second-degree burn, depending on the damage caused. While second-degree burns rarely happen from sun exposure, they are a real concern. As the sun causes the damage that leads to sunburns, it may lead to worse conditions. 

Applying sunscreen helps you prevent skin damage, which mitigates your risk of developing certain skin cancers, premature aging, and other health concerns. It’s important to remember that UV rays are there even when there is cloud coverage, so daily application is recommended if you are planning to be outdoors. 

The potential dangers that come with forgetting your sunscreen can be intimidating, but serious consequences typically come with prolonged sun exposure. Packing your sunscreen and applying it as needed will help you mitigate the effects of UV rays, and in turn, keep your skin healthy while enjoying the outdoors. 

Applying Sunscreen should be a priority any time you are outdoors, and reapplying as directed can be just as important. It’s recommended that you put more sunscreen on every few hours and after swimming if your chosen product is not waterproof. Doing so will prevent an excess of UV rays from penetrating your skin. For extra pale skin and individuals who are prone to sun damage, a higher SPF should be used. 

For Sentitive Skin & The Health Conscious

Sunscreen is one of those things that cannot be stressed enough, but the ingredients of these products are often overlooked. There is plenty of FDA monitoring around sunscreen products, however, the long-term side effects of chemical microabsorption are still being explored. This absorption happens when products use nano-ingredients to form a barrier against the sun. 

To avoid this absorption entirely, it’s best to use organic sunscreen products in your daily routine. Organic sunscreens like Butterbean’s give you non-nano protection, which prevents chemical absorption for a clean UV barrier. 

In addition to their non-nano formula, organic sunscreens give your skin tons of vitamins and nutrients, which replenish and maintain a healthy balance while you enjoy the sun. The premium ingredients in these sunscreens tend to have a much better smell and feel against your skin.

Sunscreen is Highly Important

For anyone who aims to keep their skin healthy, sunscreen should be a vital part of their daily routine. Premature aging, sunburns, skin cancer, and other consequences may result from intense UV rays, so be wary of going outdoors unprotected. For those who want the best for their skin, choose organic.

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