All You Need To Know Before Buying Bitcoin At A Bitcoin ATM

From newspaper headlines to social media, Bitcoin has enough presence you leave you intrigued about its success. However, it is not just a presence that exists in the dimension of online news and distant lands. Just step out of your Florida home and find plenty of Bitcoin ATMs near you! This way, you can get your Bitcoin journey started in your familiar neighborhood. 

Like most chores these days, you can buy Bitcoin both online and offline. If you are the one who avoids the internet hassles or does not have a stable internet connection, you may want to consider buying Bitcoin offline. This opens up the option of purchasing it locally from someone else. As you may have foreseen, choosing to go peer-to-peer also means that you are more likely to meet scammers and fraudsters. Hence, choose the safer option of buying bitcoin at a BTC ATM near you!

  1. Set up your Bitcoin wallet. As is evident from the term, this is where you can securely store your cryptocurrency. You will also need this to scan a QR code and verify your identity to obtain the Bitcoin that you buy. According to your safety net and requirements, you can choose which Bitcoin wallet to get.
  2. After you are done, you can head to your nearest Bitcoin machine in Florida. It is present all over the world; you may have heard of one in your Florida neighborhood as well. It may seem to you like a regular ATM too. Find out whether the Bitcoin ATM accepts the mode of payment intend to pay with. Most machines accept cash, cards, and net banking – so there is a high chance that you will not encounter much inconvenience.
  3. The next – and most crucial – step is to purchase the coins. The Bitcoin machine will ask you whether you want to buy, sell, or transfer coins. Choose the “Buy Coins” option. After this, you will need to fill in the amount you wish to buy and confirm your mobile number. At this point, the Bitcoin ATM will require the location where your Bitcoin needs to be sold. Choose your Bitcoin wallet and scan the QR code. You can either open it on your phone or get the code printed out for this.
  4. Needless to say, you will also need to insert the amount of cash or pay through whatever medium you have chosen. This happens after you have scanned your Bitcoin wallet. As long as the amount fits between the maximum and minimum limit of your BTC ATM, you should be able to insert the money.
  5. Get a receipt of your transaction. With this, you have officially finished the transaction. In a couple of minutes, you will receive a notification that you just purchased some Bitcoin! 

With a few steps to your nearest Bitcoin machine, you can become a part of the crowd that chooses convenience, smart work, and smart financial options. This is all it takes to buy yourself Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM in Florida or anywhere in the U.S.! Visit one today! 

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